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10 Bra Mistakes That Women Should Avoid For Real

FindItMore | Bra can be considered as the most complicated undergarment but it can be the most charming. There is no end in terms of its variety. From materials to cup sizes to style such as Kawaii lingerie. With its variety comes with mistakes that women commit when buying and maintaining this precious undergarment.

However, the mistakes can be corrected one way or another. It should not hinder women to enjoy shopping lingerie to feel good and confident all the time. Below are some of the bra mistakes that women should avoid doing:

Ignoring bra fitting measurement from professionals

Size matters especially when you are buying lingerie and cute bras. Finding the right size of the bra is not a guessing game. It is recommended that women should get a professional help when getting their size. Bra fitting with professional would help them to know their right size and the perfect style for their boob shape. On your next shopping, try to get a professional measurement.

Clasping the bra together on the tightest hooks

When trying a new lingerie, remember that the band should really fit you comfy on the loosest hook. In this way, the band will stretch over time naturally and slowly. You will be able to use the tighter hooks when it stretches.

Wearing the same bra in two consecutive days

It is understandable that when a woman fell in love with a newly purchased bra, there is a tendency that she will wear it like two or three days in a row. However, this is a mistake that every woman should avoid. You need to let the bra rest for a day in order to keep its elasticity longer. It also helps in bringing back the shape of the bra.

Letting the underwire pokes around

If the underwire starts to poke, it means that the cup size is too small for you. The underwire of the bra should come from behind your breast tissue. If you feel like it is too narrow or somehow digs into the skin, this is not a good fit for you, try the next bra size.

Tossing the bra in the dryer

According to bra experts such as Sofyee, the best way to wash your bra is to hook the clasps and just them inside the washer bag. Never put it in the dryer because the heat coming from the machine will only melt the delicate elastic of the band.

Folding bra cups into each other

Do not ever fold the cups or the padded bra into itself. You only need to lay it flat or place the bra vertically inside the drawer. If you only have a closet space, hand them using small hangers.

Keeping the bra far too long

If you have gotten a proper bra fitting, you will know and feel the difference when you ear again your old bra. Each bra you purchased is only expected to last for a year. But it depends on how many bra you have in rotation. So it is better to have more than seven bras in rotation to avoid making them old quickly.

Wearing just one bra with each type of outfit

No, woman, you cannot have one bra for your different outfit. You just can’t do it. Remember that there are certain dresses and outfit that require perkier bra shape. Some of your shirts might need a bra that will let your boobs sit lower and flatter. Always try wearing different lingerie for each clothing item you have to make you have a good pair of outfit and bra.

Wearing your old bra

There are times that we keep some things because of sentimental value. But you cannot do it with the bra. Wearing your old bra will no good on your appearance. On average life span, you wear the bra for around eight months to one year. But it will always depend on how many you have on your rotation. The more bra you have on your closet or drawer, the longer they will last.

Not adjusting your straps

Ensure that you have adjusted the straps of your bra every time you put them on. Washing and wearing the bra causes the strap to lose over time. So every time you wear them, make sure to tighten them frequently. Lose strap may be a sign that a bra is too big for the wearer or it is time to replaced the worn out lingerie.

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