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10 Foods That Are Still Hurting Your Health

FindItMore | Healthy food is very important for us human. Foods like vegetables and fruits are needed daily to improve our health. These types of foods will bring supplement like vitamins and minerals that our body needs or the essential keys of the body to maintain healthiness. But eating go, grow and glow foods daily also requires motivation to do so. Despite our hard work to live a healthier life, sometimes we can’t help but to crave other types of food. Foods that can hurt our health, affect our body improvement and worst, can cause diseases. These types of food are well-known because of their delicious taste and affordability but sadly, study shows that they are really bad for the body.

And here are the top 10 of most dangerous food for the body and should avoid t in able to stay healthy.

  1. Processed meat – foods like bacon, nuggets, hot-dog and many more are some of the processed types of food. It is called processed since it is already gone to a different type of procedure before it was made. The process like fermenting, coloring and preserving are some of it. This type of food is dangerous for the body since it contains a high amount of sodium to preserve the meat that can cause different diseases like cancer, heart disease, kidney failure and many more. Avoiding this type of food can help your body to prevent those diseases and maintain being healthy.
  2. French-fries – is a type of deep fried food. It is said to be the no. 1 leading causing cancer food. A study shows that eating foods that use a deep fried method intend to be harmful in the body because of its high volume of oil to use that was absorbed inside the food, especially if you’re using an oil that wasn’t made from vegetables or natural properties. Too much oil can cause calories in the body that can lead to a blockage of the arteries in the heart.
  3. Ice cream – is made from of milk that has a high content of dairy and sugar. Dairy is one of the causes of acne and sugar can elevate the glucose in the body that can cause diabetes.
  4. Chocolate – has almost the same effect as ice cream; it is also a dairy product that is bad in the body. Too much intake of this food can cause acne and can affect the digestive system that can cause ulcer. It can also cause tooth decay and cavities in the teeth.
  5. Pizza – is one of the food we all love to eat, because of it flavors that is loaded with meat and lots of melted cheese on top. But this particular food is rich in carbohydrate and calories that can cause blockage in the arteries of the heart that can cause cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure.
  6. Soda – has a high content of fructose that is harmful in the body. Too much sugar can elevate the glucose in the body that can cause diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and many more. The high amount of sugar can also affect the behavioral of the kids that can cause ADHD since its high in carbohydrates that gives plenty of energy boosters in the brain.
  7. Candy – is one of the kid’s favorite foods of all time. But this type of food is bad for the health. It is made in pure sugar that can cause elevation of glucose in the body they may lead to many diseases like acne, diabetes, heart disease and tooth decay.
  8. Margarine – is also one of the food that should be avoided, the main effects of this in the body are usually found in the organs like brain or heart. It can also thicken the blood and make it hard to flows and supply the organs. It can also cause high blood pressure or other forms of heart disease.
  9. Chips – are food that is rich in carbohydrate which can serve as an energy booster but frequent intake of this can be bad in the body. Most of the junk foods contain a high amount of sodium that can cause kidney disease and very harmful in the digestive system as well.
  10. Burgers – fast food burger is one of the foods that can really be dangerous in the body. Too much fast food burger can build a kidney stone or gallbladder stone inside the body that is very harmful and requires surgical operation to remove. It is composed of bread with patty meat inside that contains a high amount of sodium. It is also rich in cholesterol that can affect the blood flow in the heart that eventually lead to a blockage that can cause cardiovascular problems or stroke.


Being healthy is one of our wealth in life. Choosing healthy food is always a good option to avoid disease and enjoyed life.

Usman Raza

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