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10 Men’s Best Coats/Jackets in History of Movies

FindItMore | There are so many examples in the niche area of men’s leather jackets that’s been unnoticed.  What makes them cool is precisely who wears them. The likes of Love and Friendship and of Joe Wright’s Pride and Prejudice have a very specific take on the costume. Here’s is the list of best men’s coats and jackets in the movie industry.

Rebel Without A cause- The Red Baracuta Jacket

The costume designer of Rebel without A cause, Moss Mabry, cut and sew jacket personally and it’s gone to become an iconic look. Shortly after filming James Dean specifically kept jacket his character wore in the movie and refused to return it to costume department of the movie.

The Dark Knight Rises-Bane’s Leather/Sheepskin Coat

Anyone can agree that Bane’s Mask in The Dark Knight Rises was the most iconic part of his costume, but no one can deny a fact that his long coat has also become famous. Fans of the movie know that the movie was a retelling of Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities with Gotham City basically turned into Paris during the Reign Of Terror, so costume designer Lindy Hemming design the coat on frock coat used in the French Revolution and that of Swedish Army-so it makes sense of the inspiration.

Drive-Driver’s White Scorpion Jacket

Whether it’s stunning cinematography by Newton Thomas Sigel or whether it’s the enchanting synch soundtrack by Cliff Martinez. Almost every scene in Drive just oozes gracefully cool and all looks clearly graceful and constructed. Ryan Gosling’s brilliant white scorpion jacket which progressively becomes bloodstained as the movie continues now becomes iconic.

Blade Runner 2049-K’s Leather Trench Coat

Obviously, honor to Harrison Ford’s jacket in original, K’s leather coat has been hail by fashion periodical such as Esquire as the “real star” of Blade Runner 2049. It’s got that well-designed, weather-worn look and Ryan Gosling could also make a black bag look cool. Costume designer Renee April explains that the trench coat is made of cotton, coated and weatherproofed to make it look that way.

The Empire Strikes Back- Han’s Hoth Coat

There’s been a debate going in between Star Wars fans from 30 years, whether or not Han’s coat on Hoth is brown or blue. Some say that freezing temperatures in Norway had an effect on celluloid film and changed the coloring of everyone’s costume on the screen so it’s brown and others say it’s blue. Well, it’s blue.

The Thing-Macready’s Bomber Jacket

Kurt Russell’s worn lot of cool jackets through the years, the brown leather jacket in Escape from New York, Snake Plissken’s trench coat in Escape from L.A., massive fur coat in The Hateful Eight. They all fade in contrast to the bomber jacket he wore in The Thing.

Easy Rider- Captain America’s Leather jacket

Like Ryan Gosling’s jacket in Drive or James Dean’s jacket in Easy Rider, Peter Fonda’s leather jacket in Easy Rider has also become a part of popular culture. It’s nothing too complicated or fancy, but what is stand for and the idea of seeing an American flag inscribed on the back of a free-spirited, drug-addled motorcyclist in 60’s America was nothing short of controversies.

Raiders of the Lost Ark-Indy’s Leather Jacket

Like the bull-whip, the everlasting film of sweat, the wide-brimmed hat, and the leather jacket was the key to Indiana Jones’ look. That Indiana Jones leather jacket was so clearly been thrown around, scraped off things and so weather-beaten it’s just like its owner.

Back TO the Future II-The Size-changing Jacket

Why Mart McFly son was identical to him and why the jacket fit Marty McFly but not his son? There were so many plot holes in that movie. The colors of the jacket were awful also but who didn’t want that size-changing jacket, it was the same with lace-up runners.

Taxi Driver-Travis Bickle’s Army Jacket

When you look Taxi Driver everything about the movie has such a settle, expanded feeling, Bickle’s soiled apartment and the lean way in which he sulks throughout the movie from the beginning, it all adds up to that sense of authenticity. Bickle’s army jacket which he has worn in his days as an army soldier in Vietnam is only seen when he commits himself in becoming more aggressive and it also becomes a plot device when fashions a sleeve gun and hide it under his jacket.


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