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10 Unique Kitchen Tile Designs You Need To Check

FindItMore | The Kitchen is one of the busiest parts of a house and is generally a central feature in its architecture. For that reason, it is safe to say that the interiors of your kitchen have a far-reaching effect on the overall aesthetics of the house.

A comprehensive interior design always gives a lot of importance to the aesthetics of the kitchen, and the one thing that defines the way your kitchen looks are the tiles being used in it.

Be it the floors, cooking station or the walls, tiles generally cover most of the surfaces in the kitchen. And if the tiles are selected keeping in mind a carefully curated Kitchen Tiles Design idea, your kitchen could come out looking perfect.

The great thing about tiles is that you get innumerable options to choose from, and whatever may be the design idea in your head, you’ll always find a tile that matches. Here are a handful of tile designs ideas that can give your kitchen a new look:

  1. Brick Tiles Design

Who doesn’t love a kitchen that has an old-world charm, and which creates a sense of belonging? An easy way to make your kitchen look welcoming, homely and earthy is to go for brick effect tiles. With this design, you can create a cheerful and vibrant kitchen, where you and your family can feel “At Home”.

  1. Wood Kitchen Tiles Design

Going for wooden flooring and paneling for your kitchen can be quite expensive, but, a good alternative is to go for tile with a wooden effect. These tiles are quite versatile, and whether you want your kitchen to look chic or traditional, wooden tiles can play its part in both.

  1. The White Kitchen

White is a great canvas for any interior design that you have in your mind, but white by itself can also make your kitchen look smart and trendy. It is its versatility that makes white tiles so popular, and, if simplicity is what you want, then the white kitchen is your best bet.

  1. Bohemian Kitchen

Bohemian Kitchen

A great way to make your kitchen look vintage and chic at the same time is to opt for bohemian styled tiles for your kitchen walls and floor. This design may be a little harder to get your head around, but if done properly, it can make your kitchen look unique and colorful.

  1. Patchwork Kitchen Tiles Design

If you want to give your kitchen a playful ambiance that is full of color, patchworking can work for you. It is essentially a combination of tiles that are put together to create a hue of colors and patterns. With a design like this, you can be sure that the kitchen is one “Happy place” in your house.

  1. Geometric Patterns

Installing tiles in geometric patterns give you a lot of scope for experimentation. Be it the size of the tiles, their color or the shape of the tiles, these simple factors can have a great impact on the way your kitchen looks. A simple example of geometric patterns is the check pattern, which is widely used all over the world.

  1. The Marble Look

In giving your kitchen a luxurious appeal there is no better option than marble effect tiles. And, as compared to real marble stones, marble effect tiles can prove to be quite inexpensive. The best thing about the marble look is that it is quite easy to plan the rest of the interiors around it.

  1. Designer Tiles

If you are the one who likes to experiment, you can either go for tiles with elaborate designs printed over them, or for tiles that have intricate carvings or patterns. But, before you choose such a tile for your kitchen, make sure that you have complete clarity in your design idea.

  1. Darker Shades

For a large kitchen space, you could go for darker shade tiles. Tiles that have a graphite effect or grey colored matt finish tiles are often used in many kitchens.

  1. Glossy Tiles

Glossy ceramic tiles can give your kitchen a bright and electric appearance. If you want your kitchen to feel cozy and vibrant at the same time, you could go for a brightly colored glossy tile.

The 10 tile options mentioned above can help you recreate your kitchen. But remember! When it comes to tiles, options are endless. And if you have a unique idea that can make your kitchen look good, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it…


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