11 Ways to Turn Strangers into Friends

FindItMore | Turning strangers into one of your friends is not everyone’s cup of tea, but being always an introvert and not opening up could turn you alone forever.

Don’t wait for other people to be interested, and you can make most of the friends by becoming involved in them. When you open up and express yourself honestly, you can click with someone who gives the same vibes.

Desiring friends whom you can count on to support your nutty ideas keeps you motivated is not as difficult as you thought. Many ways turn strangers into your friends; for this, you have to detach yourself from the outcome of disappointment.

Follow your instincts without trying to look pushy and desperate.

  • Put Forth With “hello”

It is the first barrier because not everyone dares to go up to strangers and start a conversation. But you have to be willing to put yourself out there and say this magic word. Hello, “how is your day”? It can be fascinating, and this can alone can get a friendly conversation going.

The first and prime thing is to introduce yourself and ask for names. This only is sufficient to turn yourself into someone’s friend.

  • Emphasis on Intriguing experience

People love to share overwhelming experiences of theirs. Ask questions that appeal to them like “What excites you the most”? “What excites you right now”? Because the response can be intimidating.

On a similar note, you can also share your excitement about your last vacation, your bucket list, upcoming plans, etc. Sharing gives exponential questions back to back that helps in friendship building with strangers.

  • Be there to deliver help

Sure, you want to meet people and admire them to become their friend. But real friendship or connection is always based on care that you serve to people around you. Real friendship is based on the helping hands of one another.

If you put yourself out to provide assistance or help, people will feel it, and the results of your conversation will be more loaded with the connection.

It is continuously adding value that turns strangers into friends.

  • Open to Listening

If you are more likely to find yourself in a promising friendship, then listen to this. Everyone wants to be listened to. Often, people reach out to one another in the hope of the outcome.

People like to find someone or a stranger whom he/she can share their thoughts without being judged. Try to be ready to listen, help, and focus on listening carefully to people, as this will also help you get them who they are.

  • Spot Common grounds

Most people get attracted to someone of the same interest and preferences. Everyday things help to become friends with strangers quickly. Building connections is all about finding something in stock as possible as you can.

Build from here. This can be travelling, fears, food, photography, sketching, or whatever. Being on the same page can turn strangers into friends.

  • Try to discover their core passion

If you would take an interest in someone’s love inversely, they find more interest in talking to you. Just try to find keywords that help you understand their interest area and try to emphasize that only. Giving attention to one another liking and loving led to developing the bond of friendship.

  • Be exciting and make them laugh

There are much more entertaining ways to become friends with strangers. Anything fair game to play includes the sharing of passion, and some get to know each other’s questions. Questions can be related to recent adventures, funny incidents, high school stuff, and many more.

As people want to be around people who are always making others laugh and enjoy every moment of life.

  • Treat them as your friend already

People tend to become open up in their surroundings, which gives the vibes of being friends. If you want to be comfortable around someone, then open and honest communication indicates trust, respect, admiration, and affectionate.

If you act friendly and speak with strangers about how you feel, it indicates that you value their advice and support. Take a step to be a host from your side and make things comfortable between one another.

  • Put out in advance

Maybe you have a particular stranger in mind whom you want as your friend. Reach out in advance. Think about what you want to know about this person, including their liking and interest. This makes it easier to turn yourself in a friendship with a stranger. If you see some partial-stranger, remind them who you are and how you are looking forward to working things out.

  • Put the right questions in conversation

People enjoy feeling as though they are insightful. An excellent, fresh, open-ended question can be a good start before things turn into a friendship.

For example, “What has the best thing ever happened to you”? “What do you do for fun”? “What thing are you looking forward to in your life”?.

Putting these types of questions while talking to strangers could help familiarize each other quickly, and one can be interested in giving responses.

  • Keep a smile and positive attitude

Everyone loves to interact with the person with tons of positivity. Most of the people avoid the company of boredom. Reach out to someone who receives your warm presence. Talking about smiles is a way of creating a first impression. Keeping a Smile shows confidence, and it makes people want to be around you.

If people feel relaxed in your presence, what else would you need more to turn a stranger into your friend?

Thereupon, accept yourself, the more comfortable and free you can put yourself out there to see all these people will know how great you are and eventually become your friend.

Just be:

  • Friendly
  • Interesting
  • Energetic with a positive vibe
  • Confident
  • Passionate to know others
  • Keep your smile


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