2020 Lamborghini Super Trofeo

2020 Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia, Europe and North America Announced

FindItMore | The iconic one-make racing event, the Lamborghini Super Trofeo, is coming back in 2020 across sixteen different circuits that will compose the three continental championships. The Super Trofeo is set to take place in Asia, Europe, and North America featuring a spread number of race dates that start off this coming spring and look to ramp up to the World Finals in the following fall season. To facilitate this exciting spread of events, Lamborghini of Broward (FL) explains that Automobili Lamborghini renewed its partnership with SRO Motorsports extending the collaboration through the 2022 year season!

For over two decades the SRO Motorsports has been a supportive influence towards the Lamborghini Super Trofeo and is set to continue into the 2020 season producing another exciting season. The overall format has been kept the same in order to deliver intense driving experiences while keeping conditions safe and exciting. Every vehicle that will be raced will be a near-identical match leaving the results to be determined solely by the talent and dedication of the driver and supporting team. Each weekend will feature two 50-minute races that will have a rolling start and require a minimum number/cycle of pit stops from each vehicle. We see four categories that racers can compete in; the Pro, Pro-Am, Am and Lamborghini Cup are each returning for the upcoming 2020 season, followed by a world championship series as we see upcoming for this ending season.

With the current 2019 season coming to a close and the finale right around the corner, we are excited to see the climactic end to another great season of competition. The overall system is score based through a number of rounds leading up to the finals to decide the overall champion for each race category. The series has been long, hosting international races throughout multiple countries around the world featuring some of the best races we’ve seen so far coming with finishes with placements being decided by fractions of a second. With the seeding finished for the upcoming finals, it is exciting to see a good number of the class categories so close in contention!

The 2020 season looks to establish itself with numerous locations in Asia, Europe, and North America that will host weekend races for each round. The Europe track is set to be kicked off in Monza mid-April at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza that hosts the fastest average speed compared to any other track! We are also excited to see France re-enter the roster with the Circuit Paul Ricard slotted to take place near the end of May. The Super Trofeo in North America will spread across multiple stages in the United States and the first-ever stage in Canada featured in the fair city of Toronto. The Asia circuit looks to start in Malaysia in Sepang starting in March and end over in China on the Shanghai track.

After half a year of worldwide competition this 2019 season, it is exciting to see the international series come together to celebrate this great automotive sport with the grand finals. The Lamborghini Super Trofeo is set to continue its legacy around the world with the upcoming 2020 season. The thrilling news of the official re-signed partnership between Automobili Lamborghini with SRO Motorsports is an exciting prospect, as the collaboration has been incredible for the Super Trofeo in past years.


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