4 E’s Why “To Travel Around The World” Is Present in Everyone’s Bucket List

FindItMore | Do you have a bucket list? Have you heard of other people’s bucket lists? I am sure you were amazed by the interesting differences and dreams that people have. I am also sure that you have noticed that there are lots of similarities among them all, and one of them is “to travel around the world”. I certainly believe that even you have this one written on your own bucket list.

Yes, you’ve known, heard and seen that it’s one of the dreams of all, but have you ever thought why? Do you even know why it is listed as one of yours? If not or if you’re still thinking about it, come take a look at this piece, and see if it matches your perspective of how traveling has always been a dream for so many, even those who have already experienced traveling to several countries in the word.



Wherever your destination is, sure thing is that it’s gonna cost you a lot of financial expenses. The transportation, the accommodation, the delicious local foods, the itineraries, the fun must-try activities, the beautiful beaches and so many more comprise the things you have to spend money for as you fulfill your dream travel.

You do not just travel for the sake of literally traveling from one place to another then stare at the place! — nope! You travel to see amazing and historical places, to get mesmerized with beautiful mountain and ocean views, to eat delectable dishes only seen in a certain country, to try rides in amusement parts too. All those you can only do, not with your passport but with your money.

It’s listed on everyone’s bucket list because as you know, if it’s something that financially costs so much, it’s not easily attainable by everyone. Only a few people who are capable of spending enough amounts of money for travel can, and because of that, those who cannot always dream of being able to earn and save and travel.

2  – It’s your chance to EXPLORE

explore more

In traveling, you get out of the place you’re used to and away from the faces you always see, the food you always taste and even the weather you always have. It’s a perfect time of exploration since you get to leave your familiar place for somewhere unknown — unknown in the sense that you know it but not more than its name and the information you can gather through Google.

It’s just so thrilling to think of traveling around the whole world knowing that there are lots and lots and lots of things you have not discovered yet. This world absolutely has countless beauties, and many of them are yet to be unfolded, and traveling is one way to do that. It’s your chance to see what’s greater out there than what’s inside your day-to-day home. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for you to appreciate the comeliness of this God-given world.

3 – It’s a perfect time to EASE OFF

ease off

Traveling means setting aside your responsibilities in general, for work, for school, for business — although some don’t have a choice but to still check their work responsibilities every now and then. Let’s not include here family responsibilities because that is a huge exception as in family, responsibilities are done because of love! Putting aside the professional and work side of your life by traveling means that it allows you to ease off or to take a relaxing rest. You have nothing to worry about; you just have to enjoy. It’s a time to take a break from that busy life of yours.

Companies have travel outings as a break from work. Families also have travel outings because aside from it’s a whole family’s gathering, it’s also an individual benefit for every member who has been tired and stressed out due to school, work and other aspects of life.

4 – It’s a priceless EXPERIENCE

Priceless Experience

The experience of traveling around the world is unquestionably a life highlight. If you’d take a look back at a certain year, surely, you will always remember the times you went out of the country to travel and have fun with your loved ones.

Traveling to different places offer different memorable experiences — even traveling to the same place for many times do. As you explore places you’re not used to, you get to thread huge chunks of memories worth-remembering. More than all the souvenirs you could bring home and the pictures you can take (although photos are exceptionally important!), experience is something that will never ever break and fade away. It’s always something you can bring wherever you go and whoever you talk to. You can always remember them from time to time and talk about them and share them without getting tired and satiated. When you recall memories of your happy experiences, you feel like they’re being brought to life again. They feel like they just happened recently when it’s been some years ago, and it makes you want to travel again.

You see that all written above seem basic, personal and kind of obvious for some maybe. Well, those are true. They are basic, and that’s because you do not really need a grand reason for you to desire to travel around the world. They are personal because we are talking about one’s bucket list wherein “to travel around the world” is present. It’s a personal thing that we share altogether. Lastly, they are kind of obvious, but ask yourself, have you noticed them?


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta, a five-star hotel in located in Parramatta, New South Wales (Australia).


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