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4 Mistakes You Must Avoid While Hanging Posters in Your Bedroom

FindItMore | Are you planning to hang posters in your room? Read the blog to know what mistakes you should steer clear of while doing so.

It is obvious that you want to leave the mark of your personality everywhere you go. But to be honest, it is not really possible to follow the idea in reality. But you can deck up your personal space the way you want, right? Be it your bedroom, dorm room or study, it should always reflect your personality and liking. And no, you cannot achieve this always with the right paint on the wall or the decor scheme of the home. But posters can help you with that.

Let’s take it for an instance. You are staying with your parents in their mansion where they have painted your room in your favorite shade and chosen the furniture and fixtures exactly the way you like. However, the room still might not be the ideal extension of your personality. But if you are hanging posters around your room may be of your favorite sports personality or your favorite travel destination or automobile, it can completely transform the look of your room. But while hanging the posters, there are certain common mistakes that we all repeat. Take a look at the following mistakes that you need to avoid.

Hanging Too High

You might think of hanging the poster over your bed or maybe on the wall over your study table. But in any case, you need to make sure that you are not hanging it too high. Just like any art, it is necessary that you can view the poster on the wall without too much effort. If you are hanging the poster too high, then it might not be the perfect place for visibility.  Maybe you are a tall person. But people who come in your room might not be as tall as you and they have to crane their neck to see the poster. Hence, it is not a good idea to use your height while hanging the poster. Measure and hang it on an average height so that it looks completely in sync with the room.

Too Matchy-Matchy

Art or posters are not only necessary to reflect your personal choice or personality in your space. It is also necessary for breaking the monotony of the room. So, if you are thinking of hanging a poster in the room, don’t go for something too matchy-matchy. Yes, think of the color scheme of the room before you think of hanging the poster in your room. The best way to hang a poster is, going for something which will be completely opposite of the color of your room. If your room is painted in with any bright shade, go for the black and white poster. If the walls are white or painted in a neutral shade, go for a color splash for posters.

Filling Every Wall Up

This is another mistake that many commit. Visual clutter is never a good idea. Especially when it is about your room’s wall, you must not make it look too cluttered or this can actually affect your mood. Yes, our room decor can play a major part in influencing our moods. So, when you are thinking of hanging posters in your room, make sure you are not filling up all the walls with the posters. Choose one wall that will ensure maximum visibility for the posters. Then hang the ones that you love.

Not Preparing the Wall

When people are looking for tips on how to hang posters, there is one thing that people often end up missing. It is necessary for you to prepare the wall before you hang the posters. No matter whether the wall is freshly painted or painted long back, you sure don’t want to leave a permanent mark on it. So, first clean the wall and then use the temporary adhesive. Go for two-way tapes that will hold the posters at a place for a long time while making sure it doesn’t damage the wall.

So, now as you know about these four mistakes, steer clear of them while hanging posters in your bedroom or dorm. Create your own space with the mark of your individuality.


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