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5 Amazing Tips Every Girl Should Know About Crop Tops

FindItMore | No matter what body size or body shape you have, crop top shirts are very flattering to wear. This statement is very contrary to what most women believe in. The crop top trend hit the fashion industry and promised it a future, unlike most trends which usually fail to see the light as time goes by. One thing for sure, crop top shirts are here to stay and that is why they have been branded classics. Today, we are breaking down for you the 5 most amazing tips about these core baring clothing items.

Ensure that you keep them weather appropriate

For a couple of years now, crop top shirts have been the most trendy summer fashion and they aren’t going away anytime soon. They are definitely the best for summer but you are allowed to have it at any time of the year. All you need to do is to layer it up as desired or maybe go for the sexiest cropped sweaters in town to ensure that your health is all compromised.

Rock them with high waist jeans – because we all know that normal is boring

No matter what type it is, when rocked with high waist jeans, you will probably look more sexy and attractive. An additional pair of beautiful shoes, a pair of heels or a pair of boots will complete this casual look in an unbelievably amazing way. The high waist jeans are to cover your love handles and the belly bulges if at all you have them, and that is why they were made for crop tops. It is allowed to show a little skin since most part of your lower abdomen will be covered by the jeans already. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the loose or the fitting type, both will make you look amazing and sassy.

Are you nervous? Rock a high waist maxi skirt to avoid showing too much skin

Ensure that the maxi skirt is high-waisted, just below your crop top. Shopping for a midi or maxi skirt may be old but gold in all aspects. This is all true until you try it with a sexy crop top. The sexiest and cute outfit today for sure are crop tops with maxi skirts. Another amazing factor is that they are versatile. The question is, what do you want to emphasize? For example, are you wider up top than the bottom? If your answer is a yes, then go for a halter type. Do you have long legs and you really want to emphasize them? Then you have to try out the full sleeve type and a high waist maxi skirt. This is a type of outfit that will make everyone to remember you whenever you go.

high waist maxi skirt

Ensure that your proportions are balanced out correctly

Do you want to be flattered? Do not go for a baggy top and a baggy bottom at the same time. Going for a mega tight crop top and mega tight skirt will probably not be an impressive look for some people. This is a personal preference and taste anyway, just ensure that you make sense. These amazing shirts look really beautiful when rocked with a loose pair of jeans or a skirt. Some people also prefer to rock it with a tight bottom, especially on night outs.

The truth of the matter is, go for a style which makes you confident and beautiful at the same time. The best way to flatter yourself is by trying something by yourself. It is all over the internet that tighter ones should be rocked by slimmer girls which are not true. Anytime you crop these versatile shirts which you like, try it on girl, you will be surprised.

It’s your choice to show off whichever torso you like best

If you don’t like your tummy, you can go for a crop top which covers it but reveals the bottom of your rib cages. Going for a high waist skirt or jeans will also help you to cover all the areas of your belly which you aren’t proud enough to display. For ladies with cute toned abs, you can rock a longer crop top with low-waist jeans and kill the look.

Its high time women start to embrace themselves and live their lives. Nobody should tell you what to wear or what not to wear. If you like something and you have a complete ability to put it on, do you girl! Besides, we don’t wear things for response or controversy as the society puts it. Of all the trends, crop top shirts are the most definitely and that’s undeniable. It is also very true that most of the times, it’s the occasions that usually call for them, especially the festivals and outdoor events.


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