Goggles for Motocross

5 Best Goggles for Motocross

FindItMore | Whether you’re off-roading or tearing up the race track, it’s essential to protect your eyes. There are a number of goggles on the market claiming to offer the best eye protection for bikers, but which should you choose? Here are five goggles you can trust to safeguard your eyesight.

100% Accuri OTG

The Accuri OTG from 100% is the perfect choice for riders who wear glasses. Made from urethane, these googles are durable, yet flexible and sport a silicon-coated strap for size customization. They come with smoked or clear lenses, and are available in a variety of colors.

Oakley Frontline

A little on the expensive side, this motorcycle riding gear boasts some impressive features, including the following:

  • Large peripheral view
  • Moisture wicking triple-layer face foam
  • Impact-resistant lens

Designed to fit with almost any helmet, these goggles deliver both comfort and quality.

Dragon NFX2

Dragon pulled out all the stops when it created the NFX2. These goggles boast patented frameless technology, allowing for a wide peripheral view, and anti-fog lens, giving you clear vision no matter the weather. Get maximum comfort with quad-layer face foam and a silicone-beaded strap.

Fox Racing Vue

Looking for gear created with the help of professional motocross riders? Fox Racing worked with Ken Roczen to deliver amazing features such as these:

  • Dual compound frame
  • 360 venting
  • Anti-fog lens

This pair is designed to give you the edge with clear vision and a customized fit.

Spy Omen

The Omen by Spy is focused on providing optimal clarity so you can keep your eyes on the prize. These goggles possess an enlarged eye port and lens with 100 percent UV protection, as well as anti-fog ventilation. The comfort provided by the quad-layer face foam ensures you’re never distracted by sweat or an ill fit.

Guarding your eyes from dirt and debris is key when taking to the road. Invest in your vision with high-quality motocross goggles. It will not just protect your eyes from dirt but will give you clear vision which will help you to drive safe. Driving on roads is becoming hectic these days due to traffic. Some people drive rashly and this becomes a trouble for others. And if your vision is not clear you can meet with accidents when driving in such critical situations on road. Thus, to have clear vision you should go for good quality goggles for your eyes.

There are so many people using goggles but they just get one giving least importance to the quality. They just go for the style and design which many times lead them to buy goggles having not so clear vision. Such goggles are just good for style but are no good for the safety. Thus to make your vision clear and drive safe on roads you should go for good quality goggles.

Some people may thing that good quality goggles will come at high price and they cannot afford them but this is not true. You can just search online and look for a good quality and at the same time designer goggle that too for a cheaper price. Today when you have online shopping available you need not have to look for anything here and there and look for things that fit your budget. You can just browse net and shop for things sitting at home that too without your budget.

So, if you are still not sure how to buy the best goggles for yourself and are still compromising with your old one then its time to search online and make things easy for yourself. Search online and shop online and get the best products at the best price. No doubt once you will go for online shopping you will like it and would go for it again and again. There are so many sites allowing you to shop for goggles but you surely need to shop one from a reliable and reputed site in order to get the best quality at an affordable price.

Almost every site promises to give you quality products but when you shop from them very few are able to provide you as promised. So, research well and then place your order in order to shop safe.


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