5 Ways You Can Increase Your Fitness

FindItMore | Everybody loves that occasional compliment when somebody they haven’t met in a while appreciates the “new and improved” looks. Even a few pounds can make a big difference when it comes to fitness. If getting fit is your topmost concern, it is about time you made it a priority.

Being fit and healthy works in many ways. First, you look good and everything you wear fits all your curves perfectly. You’ll attract attention without ever asking for it.

Moreover, fatigue and disease stay away from you and you’re able to accomplish more than what an average person does. That comes with stamina and strength training that prepare your body for every situation.

And if you still need more reasons, staying fit and healthy is also associated with longevity and happiness. Growing old in the company of your loved one means you need to start working for it today!

Here are 5 ways you can increase your fitness to make your life a fulfilling journey. They’re not mutually exclusive so feel free to pick any combination that suits your lifestyle.

1.     Build an Exercise Routine

That goes without saying. You need an exercise routine that you stringently follow. Whether it is an early morning jog, a few hours in the gym, any sports activity, or a yoga routine; you need to put your muscles in regular use.

Ideally, it should be the same time every day so you’re less prone to skip. Since you know what you’d be doing at that specific hour, you’re less likely to make plans that are not in your best interest. And once you’ve achieved the one-month milestone, your body will automatically start putting you at it.

Most people believe getting your exercise routine done and out of your way, first thing in the morning is great. This means you don’t need to worry about it for the rest of your day and those spontaneous evening meet-ups can be absolutely guilt-free. And as the first thing you do, you’re less likely to skip it without reason.

Timing is crucial. The hourglass figure doesn’t happen overnight!

2.    Create a Gym around the House

If you think going to the gym is too much hassle, consider turning your home into one. No, this doesn’t involve buying heavy machinery and installing them around the house. Nobody wants to come home to a place that reeks of effort. The home is where you relax.

Creating a (subtle) gym around the house implies keeping small equipment in handy positions so that when you’re not doing anything better, you can sneak in a few reps of an exercise. For instance, try keeping weights around the kitchen so when you’re baking or heating something in the microwave and you simply have to wait it out, you can do a few lifts.

Customize your washing area so that when you’re waiting for the washing machine to beep, you can perform a few bodies pulls. Sitting on the exercise ball instead of a chair can work wonders when you’re glued to the phone or the television for some reason.

Challenge yourself to try new things and push your boundaries. A hidden gym can get you started without making it evident.

3.     Try Dog Walking

The best you can do is get yourself your very own furry friend. Their activity levels and enthusiasm is contagious. Caring for them and taking them out for walks regularly can get you out of a sedentary lifestyle overnight! And when it comes to running and socializing, you’ll have your hands too full to worry about extra pounds.

If getting a pet doesn’t sound feasible, the next best thing is volunteering. You can enlist yourself at the local dog walkers’ volunteer program. Try working with a few canines to get a hang of it. You’ll soon fall in love with this habit when you see the numbers going down on the weighing scale. And that’s not it; you get the love and affection of some amazing canines too!

4.    Restyle your Travel Plans

Generally, vacations are all about well-furnished hotel rooms, topnotch room service, scenic views outdoors, the luxury car travels, and a serene swimming pool. The only way you get a bit of sun is when you sit outdoors for sunbathing!

This time, however, if fitness is on your mind, you need to restyle your travel plans. No more sitting around and pampering yourself indoors. It’s time to get out and about, make the most of the time you have at hand. Try planning your vacations around strenuous (yet fulfilling) activities like hiking, biking, backpacking, and more. No matter where you’ve landed, you can find yourself enough help to get you on the right track. The rest will automatically follow.

If vacations seem to be too far away, you can always try camping for a weekend getaway. Find local campsites around your place of residence and you’re good to go. Camp with family or friends, devise your own camping games and have a great time at it. Do NOT put up the hammock – you didn’t leave home just to spend time on your back. Get moving and exploring!

5.     Get a Personal Trainer at a touch!

Yes, you can hire one right on your smartphone. There are quite a few fitness apps out there to choose from. A lot of these will track progress as well. For instance, the most basic app tracks for footsteps. So by setting a milestone regarding the number of footsteps you take in a day, you can innocuously burn a few extra calories, get the much-deserved exercise, and still not notice it as something significantly different from routine.

Some more elaborate apps take you through each day’s exercise pattern and allow you to record reps each day. By the end of the first month, you can visibly see how much progress you’ve made in numbers.

And if you’re looking for something even better than this, some apps will let you connect with personal trainers. They can guide you with respect to nutrition and supplements. They can even oversee your exercise routine. But it’s always better to have a helping hand around just in case there’s something you’re not able to hold right. Click to get the finest tasting protein bars to incorporate into your diet.

The basic fitness apps are as good as anything else. They make the perfect start. You can download, install and get yourself on track in less than five minutes!

BONUS: When nothing else works…

Assuming you’re not able to do any of the things listed here and you’re still yearning for a beach body, there’s still hope for you. CoolSculpting is believed to be the miraculous cure for stubborn fat.

Particularly those problems areas where the fat absolutely refuses to go, this treatment gives proven results. CoolSculpting Abdomen is quite popular as this is hands down the most common issue in people. Upper arms, thighs, waist, and chin are the runner-ups.

By freezing the fat cells in these areas and allowing your body to naturally get rid of them, CoolSculpting helps you get those inches down without incisions and/or surgery. This is possibly why this is becoming such a huge trend with fitness lovers.

Like the wise people say, where there is a will, there is away!


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