Lingerie Buying Mistakes

6 Lingerie Buying Mistakes That Every Man Should Avoid

FindItMore | Planning to spice up your love life by gifting your partner sexy lingerie this weekend? Do you know how to avoid the typical mistakes that men make?

Buying lingerie isn’t as exciting as it sounds because there are many factors to consider, like quality, type and whatnot. The gift is a personal requirement, which makes it challenging for men; leading them towards avoidable mistakes.

Most mistakes can be avoided with a simple approach, i.e. present it with love, not lust.

Read ahead to know about the common mistakes that need to be avoided to ensure the reaction that you are expecting from your lady love:

  • Not being chill about it

You need to understand that be it a crop top or lingerie; it is just a gift. You don’t have to lose your cool all because it is a sensual gift; if you are not chill about it, then it might make her feel uncomfortable. Remember, you don’t need to overthink about buying lingerie, and all you want is to make her feel special.

  • Don’t know her size

Inner wear needs to fit perfectly; it cannot be compared with a pair of jeans or a top, which is even preferred off-size. You need to know her size before you enter a store to avoid embarrassment and buying the wrong size. Don’t waste your money and spoil the experience of gifting her something special; know her size first.

  • Preferring price to quality

You may have a fixed budget for the gift, but sometimes you don’t get something in that specific amount. What if that happens to you? Will you buy low-quality lingerie to meet your budget or increase your budget instead? Most men make the mistake of choosing the former and end up gifting something which will not be used or appreciated by their partners. A complete waste of money, right? If you are stuck in such a situation, you should understand what women expect you to do, i.e. either increase your budget a little or don’t buy a complete set; purchase individual items to stay within your comfortable budget. This is the perfect way to avoid low-quality stuff and still be able to buy something worth your money.

  • Buying the wrong type

The two primary types of lingerie are bodysuits and bralettes. Do you know which one would your better-half prefer? It is a common mistake that men make, where they buy the wrong type of lingerie for their partner, i.e. bralettes for women who prefer bodysuits and vice-versa. It is also an expensive mistake which needs to be avoided at all costs.

  • Picking out the wrong colour

This may not be as severe as all the other mistakes mentioned above, but it may spoil her experience because she may not like the colour that you have chosen for her or that colour may not suit her personality. So, even if you don’t know her favourite colour, then also you can pick out the popular colours, i.e. black and red, or observe the colours that she prefers wearing.

  • Making her feel uncomfortable when she tries them

This may not be a buying mistake per se, but is a blunder that most men cause. When you present her with the gift, not only it should look elegant but as special as possible. Moreover, when she tries them out, you need to make sure that your reaction is not insulting or offensive in any way. A bit of laughter or a snide comment can make her feel uncomfortable and spoil the entire surprise. Be polite; be lovey-dovey!

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A Piece Of Advice That Can Move Mountains For You

Yes, lingerie is a perfect gift, especially if you two are going on a weekend getaway because it is not just a personal gift, but if presented elegantly, it shows how much you respect and love her. Although it is a sensual gift, this does not mean that you should offer it to her in a derogatory or insulting manner. It is a pretty impressive present if you pick out the right one for her. Blossom Lingerie experts have surveyed the market and derived certain tips that will help you buy the one she so desires to own, such as:

  • Quality beats rates
  • Know her size
  • Make sure that the vibes are positive
  • Choose the colours that enhance her beauty
  • Compliment her from the heart when she tries them on

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The tips mentioned above will make sure that not only does your gift spice up your love life, but it also make her believe that you love and respect her very dearly.

She’s Special; make her feel so!


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