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7 Household Problems Caused By Hard Water

FindItMore | We all want a pretty looking house, cleaned to perfection but sometimes you may spot issues which are unknown to you. Like soap stains on your sink, yellow stains on your flush or lime scales all over your bathroom tiles makes your home look untidy and all these problems can be solved and become much easier once you solve its primary cause.

You might not know that the hard water is behind all these problems. But more than these obvious issues there are many more you can see and feel around your house which slowly takes away the tiara of perfect home from you. If you want to resolve these problems all at once, you have to fix the hard water first.

There are many ways to turn your hard water into the soft water like electronic water conditioners, traditional salt-based water conditioner and municipal water filtration and conditioning system. But for today, we will highlight all those problems which are caused by hard water at your home.

1. Unpleasant taste of hard water

taste of hard water

Little we know that the hard water tastesreally bad. An easy method to identify that the water coming out of your taps is hard, take a gulp and notice if the taste is bit different or not. The hard water tastes much saltier than the soft water that is why it is not suitable for drinking.

Also, when the food is cooked in the hard water, it tastes bland. It happens because of the overpowering taste of the calcium and magnesium present in hard water. That is why households which are facing hard water issues usually get soft water for drinking and cooking.

2. Skin related issues

Skin related issues

Another major problem you can face due to hard water is a skin related issue. When hard water is used for washing face and bathing, the minerals present in it cause the dryness in the skin. Also, it is not suitable for your scalp and makes your hair dry too. It happens due to concentrated calcium and magnesium present in hard water which not only makes shampoo perform well but also particles of these minerals stored on your scalp or skin cause dryness, itching and other issues like cause eczema at the same time. It can also worsen your skin condition and make your eczema spread. Since dissolving soap and shampoo is relatively less in hard water, you might end up using more bottles on body-wash, shampoo, conditioners and soap bars for bathing purpose.

3. Lowering life and performance of home appliances

home appliances life

We know that you have invested hundreds of dollars on your household appliances to make your life easier but are you noticing that they are not performing up to the mark as they use to do?

Well, it happens because of the limescale deposits in the pipes which makes it difficult for the appliances to perform and over the period you need to change it. In a broader sense, hard water cost you way too much than you have actually estimated and since the appliances are not performing well, manual efforts require to complete the task which builds up extra work for you.

4. More plumbing issues

plumbing issues

It happens because of clogging of the pipe. When the lime scales are build up in pipes, the water flows gets disturbed. Not only it will affect the water flow in your home,but also you need to replace your pipes again and again. It can also clog your shower-heads, drain pipes, flushes and toilets. That is why if you are not ready to spend a good chunk of your income on the plumbing, clogging and replacing pipes you need to resolve the hard water issue once and for all.

5. Soap stains

Soap stains

Noticing any white spots on your clothes, dishes and glasses? Let me tell you it is due to hard water. Not only these soap scums looks ugly but also makes your clothes and dishes untidy too. These soap stains can be easily seen on the transparent wine glasses which affects not only its look but also these stains takes forever to remove.

It happens because the hard water doesn’t go well with the detergent and that is why the deposits of calcium and magnesium can be seen all over the clothes and utensils. Therefore you need to treat the hard water to eliminate its effects.

6. Rust stains on your bathroom and sink

Rust stains

You can always invite people on your beautiful home and show them your incredible interior as well. But what when they see yellow and red stains on your bathroom and sink? I know it looks ugly and untidy at the same time. It happens because of the iron present in hard water other than calcium and magnesium. The iron comes from the rusted pipes caused by the limescale build up. The rust gets a deposit in flush, toilets and wherever it can.

These stains are never forgiving. Therefore, you need to clean them very often. It doesn’t matter how much time and energy you spend to clean them,but they will come back in every few days. The ultimate solution of these stains is to convert your hard water into soft water and get all your rust stains issues resolved.

7. Fades the color of your clothes

Fade Color

Another big issue you might face is the fading of colors from your clothes in a few washes. When the clothes are washed in hard water, the minerals react with detergent and instead of making foam and cleaning the dirt away, it turns it milky. That is why instead of removing away the stains, the hard water discolors your clothes and fade their look. Therefore it is not suitable for washing clothes as it also affects the fiber of your clothes and makes it dry and rough. On the other hand, when the clothes are washed with soft water, the clothes are softer and the colors don’t fade away very quickly.

Final words

If you are experiencing all these issues at your home, you have to spend a lot of money to fix these problems. Usually, most of the people are scared from the expenses of water conditioning systems,but there are many electronic water conditioners available in the market which are cheaper, treat water without any chemicals or salt and require no maintenance at all. Also, when compare to the hard water issues and cost you spend to treat hard water problems, water conditioning systems, especially the electronic water conditioners, help you save a lot more in the long run.

On the other hand, your majority of household issues are resolved which are caused by the hard water. Once water is converted soft, it saves your time in cleaning washrooms and kitchen sinks, tiles, toilets and taps. When you use soft water, your food will become tastier and water is more drinkable. You will also not see any soap scum on clothes, dishes and glasses which saves your time and effort. Therefore we recommend you to get a water conditioning system installed and turn your hard water into soft and save money.


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