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7 Kinds of Tie Knots That You Were Not Aware Of!

FindItMore | If you have been wearing your custom silk ties in just one regular style, then you have been doing it wrong for all these years. You would be shocked to know that there are as many as seven different styles when it comes to tying them and each has a significant style and class of its own. To know about them, please continue reading this article.

Eldredge Knot: One of its kinds, for this one you need to use your skills tactfully and make sure that there is a small end as the active end. It would look like a slim and tapered fishtail braid and can be done for all kinds of occasions. But yes, not all can master the art of tying this one so do watch a few videos and read a few blogs if you want to get this one right.

Trinity Knot: Secondly, comes the trinity knot, which partially resembles the Celtic Triquetra. It is a three way knot where the pattern converges at a middle point, thus looking great! It is unique and has a very classy appeal to it. Trust me, with a well-tied knot as this one, you can grab the attention of all the amazing women around you too.

Van Wijk Knot: Designer Silk Neckties need to be respected a little because they are just so stylish, luxurious and can uplift the appeal of any outfit at ease. The Van Wjk knot is one of those types, which when tied correctly, can create a striking and un-matchable effect. Try this knot with light colored custom silk ties, so that it comes across well. Wear it with a narrow collared shirt paired with a vest.

Fishbone Knot: I am sure that you must have already tried it. Yes, you are right – it looks like a fishbone. It is a favorite of most fashion designers and style icons. Hence, you can fry it for your next party as you can never fail to create an impression with this one. If you can’t tie it on your own, ask your girlfriend to help you out!

The Rose Knot – Have a dinner date this weekend? Or are you planning to pop the question to her tonight? Then, wear a crisp white shirt with a designer neck tie knotted in the famous rose style. Known to be the most romantic way of tying a knot, and crafted in the shape of a rose, this would surely impress the love of your life.

Ellie Knot: Best when worn with semi-wide collar openings, the ellie knot style is a rage amongst teenagers. They are great for formal occasions and meetings where you want to dress up, but in a toned-down way!

Krasny Hourglass Knot – Lastly, I would like to mention about this one, where the entire tie looks like an hourglass. Get it right the first time because it is not that flexible and thus you can’t fix it later! Go for striped custom silk ties if you opt for this one.

So, now that you know it all, try one for every day of a week and let me know about your experience. And to get some tips on choosing Custom Tie Bar, keep following my articles and blogs.


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