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8 Home Safety Tips For Seniors

FindItMore | Are you worried if your older parents are safe and secure from crimes and accidents in their house? Do you keep thinking if they take their medicine on time? Even though many seniors like to live along and like maintaining their independence as long as they can, senior living can pose some serious security threats to seniors. Fortunately, to provide luxury assisted living to seniors there are several ways to ensure safety of the seniors who are living alone.

Consider a Home Surveillance System

One of the best useful home safety tips for elder people is installing home security camera. These video surveillance cameras serve several purposes. Firstly, you will be able to check on your parents and get to know if they are okay through the smartphone. Also, security cameras will keep you informed and will help to identify the criminals. It will keep you informed about something disastrous like home invasion or robbery.

Keep a Panic Button to Notify  Emergency for Ensuring Safety

You need to keep a panic button at home which has been specifically designed for elderly is a necessary safety and security tip for seniors.  It is easy to get panic button remote; you can place it at the end of the table next to the place where your parent’s sit. In case something happens, they can simply hit the button and the emergency services are going to be notified. This might not cover out every emergency that is out there but it will help in keeping your parents connected to the emergency services and will offer you the peace of mind.

Install Extras for Preventing Falls

Apart from offering home security from intruders for older adults, it will also offer personal safety. It will make the house fall proof. This is one of the ways in which you can decrease the home accidents. For instance, if you are worried about bathroom safety for your parents, install rails in areas like tubs and showers. Make sure that you fix potential problems such as loose floorboard or tile.

Improve Fire Safety

Fire safety is important for the seniors at home.  It is better inform your parents about fire safety and keep a fire safety check up at home. Fire alarms and smoke detectors can also offer valuable protection.

Prepare Emergency Escape Plan and Emergency Contact Information

Old people tend to become forgetful. Thus, you have to make sure that the telephone numbers for file department, police, family members, hospital, and trusted neighbors are readily available.  Moreover, you have to ensure that the older adults know how that has to deal with an emergency. Also, prepare an emergency escape plan. Practice this from time to time with the older people during ordinary times.

Make Sure there is Enough Lighting

It is necessary to ensure that there is enough lighting throughout your parent’s house. This is also considered to be an important home safety checklist for elderly people. Accidents might take place is there is not enough lighting. Install lights which are automatically turned on when someone enters the room.  These are just perfect for elderly people who need to have their hands free so that they can hold on to the railing or use a walker or a cane. This kind of lighting cost less than you actually think.

Use Advance Senior Safety Products

There are different kinds of gadget that will keep your aging parents safe and sound.  You will easily find them in the market and are known to work with the existing alarm systems.  One of the well-known gadgets which work along the tips for preventing falling which has been mentioned earlier is a monitoring device which can tell you when someone has fallen and is not being able to get up. Thus, the emergency services will be notified as quickly as possible.

Protect the Elderly from Cyber Attacks

The elderly people who have little knowledge regarding internet security might be easy target for the cyber criminals. Hence, it is your responsibility to teach them about online security and also keep them safe online. You need to tell them to be cautious when it comes to suspicious links and banners as cyber criminals might use these temptations for stealing money from the bank accounts.

All these tips are for the safety of the elderly at home to reduce the risk of injuries of the aging parents. If you can, you need to spend more time with them. When they have your company, your parents are going to feel less lonely and also much safer.


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