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An In-depth Comparison of The Gordon Setter And The Aussiedoodle

FindItMore | Dogs are brave and strong creatures and come in various colors. There are several kinds of dogs and with different origins, character, physical appearance, personality traits, etc. The Gordon setter and Aussiedoodle will be discussed here.

How and Where the Gordon Setter and Aussiedoodle Originated?

The Gordon Setter originated from Scotland. It was majorly used in hunting game birds in the 1660s. It is a loyal, courageous, and intelligent dog. Owners should be very experienced so that its stubborn streak could be handled. Its name was gotten from Alexander, one of the Dukes of Gordon that developed a breeding kennel in Moray in the nineteenth century.

The Gordon setter is very large in size and very slow in movement. It majorly hunts birds like partridge, grouse, or ptarmigan by tracing their scent. It signals the location of the bird to its master by posing on the ground.

Another kind of dog whose origin will be discussed is the Aussiedoodle. The Aussiedoodle is known to be a mind reader; it knows the mind of its owners.It is a very intelligent and lively dog that needs to be given much time and attention.

The Aussiedoodle is a cross-breed of Poodle and Australian Shepherd; the Aussiedoodle enjoys the company of children as it is a very cheerful and playful breed. The maximum number of years it can live is 12 years. To avoid problems, cross-breeding should involve the female Aussie and the male Poodle. Most times, Aussiedoodle looks more like the Australian Shepherd parent.

The Physical Appearance

The Gordon Setter is a very powerful, courageous breed. Its skull is big and a bit round. It has got dark brown eyes that are very sharp; its ears are very close to the head. It has muscular and angulated limbs; the lower limbs show the good bone it has got. It has a straight and horizontal tail.

Its tan and black color coat is very beautiful and glossy, the height of male Gordon Setters is between 64-68cm, and its weight ranges from 28 kg and 36 kg. Female Gordon Setter’s weight is between 59-64 cm, and their height is between 25-29 kg.

Aussiedoodle can come in various color combinations such as Red Merle, Chocolate, and White, Cream, silver, red and white, blue Merle, Black and tan, Cinnamon Merle and Tricolor. Their coats are wavy, and they have various quality.

The Personality Traits and Grooming

The Gordon Setter is a very lively and intelligent dog. It loves being given time and attention and loves being around its family. It requires a very cheerful owner to maintain it, as it could be very stubborn and heady when not given attention. Its boldness makes it very watchful over his family members.

Its shiny coat has to be brushed and clipped twice or thrice a week; its legs, ears, tail, and paws need to be well taken care of. The Gordon Setter is vulnerable to ear infections because of its big ears; therefore, it is advisable for owners of this breed to clean and remove wax from its ear on a regular basis with the use of a recommended veterinary cleansing product.

Aussiedoodles are lively and agile dogs, and as a result of this, they hate being left alone or neglected. Therefore, owners should make sure they are included in activities to keep them busy; if this is not done, they tend to be very destructive and restless.

It does not shed much hair, unlike other dogs. It needs to be trimmed and brushed on a regular basis. The nails should also be clipped as this is part of its grooming.

The Health and Well-being

The Gordon Setter experiences some health issues.Most times, it encounters eye issues such as retinal disorders. There are other health issues such as Entropion, Gastric Dilatation, keratoconjunctivitis Sicca, Hip Dysplasia, Unilateral Renal Aplasia and Progressive Retinal Atrophy.These health issues can be treated medically and surgically.

To maintain the well-being of the Gordon Setter, it is necessary to go through exercises at least two hours daily. It likes to get involved in activities to keep fit. Its stubbornness sometimes poses difficulty when training it.

Aussiedoodle, on the other hand, has some health issues that could be from their parents. Epilepsy, Crushing disease, Hip dysplasia, Progressive retinal atrophy, Pancreatitis, and Ivermectinsensitivity. These diseases are sometimes inherited from either the male poodle or the female Aussie.

It is very essential that the Aussiedoodle partakes in exercise, to stay healthy and active.  Owners should bear in mind that daily activity of at least two hours of walking should be imbibed. It is very eager to learn and heeds to correction.


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