Anti-Anxiety Foods

Anti-Anxiety Foods to Have and Foods to Avoid Before Wedding Preparations

FindItMore | When we attend a wedding we see the beautiful arrangements, the wonderful food, and the gorgeous bride and groom. It is only when we have to organize a wedding do we realize how difficult it is to put all that together? The financial aspect is an issue for many people. Weddings are such big deal that people try to spend more than they can. Even for those who never have to worry about money, there are enough things to worry about like finding wedding venues in Delhi or food caterers or even a professional makeup artist. Everything in wedding seems to be so difficult; after all it’s about your status and social standing which is going to be reflected on that one day.

Get help

Before you start being hard on yourself, about not meeting deadlines, not getting things right, we have to address the issue from a practical point of view. Practically speaking you should have no reason to feel guilty for suffering from anxiety. Weddings are difficult to pull off. There are too many things to take care of. Especially for people who don’t have too many acquaintances to help, it gets overwhelming.

So, you need to find help to channelize the pressure. No, we are not talking about a psychologist. Unless you have anxiety even otherwise, you don’t need to go for counseling. What you need is to get an organized plan of action. And of course, a good diet for the days you are busy with the wedding preparation.

Foods that can Help with Anxiety

The wedding days will be full of all delicious but not so healthy food items. When you are the host, you will probably even be eating leftovers for a week after the wedding, because, why waste good stuff? Your guests will eat the yummy spicy and sweet dishes for the wedding day and at the reception. But you, as the host, will be living on catering food from the sagaai days.

All the sweets and the extra spicy food will trigger your anxiety even more. So, at least for a few weeks before this time starts, have some healthy food. Here is a list of food you should avoid or include more in your diet so that your head is clear and your heart is pumping all healthy blood.

  1. Sugars

Sugars are to be avoided. It makes us hyper, increases pressure and cholesterol, and makes us all sweaty and out of breath. So, cut down on sweets, aerated drinks, desserts, and candies for a few days.

  1. Alcohol

There will be many a day that your friends will ask you out for a drink before your wedding. Say no, and invite them to the bachelor or bachelorette party if you want them to be there. Keep the alcohol limited to this day. Alcohol makes you anxious too.

  1. Berries

Berries, especially blueberries help fight anxiety. Include this in your diet every morning for breakfast, you will feel much calmer. You can use berries in the desserts and salads in your wedding menu too. Some people like to have healthy options even at a wedding.

  1. Almonds

Almonds are one of the best anti anxiety foods. You can soak them in milk overnight for the best result, or just snack on a few every now and then. Don’t have too many though. It can get hard to digest and nothing is good in large quantities. 10 or 12 almonds a day is enough.

  1. Chocolate

Everybody likes chocolate. They love it in fact. If you don’t, you will at least like the kind of chocolate that beats anxiety. Go for cocoa rich dark chocolate. Not the ones with a lot of sugars and malt. It will be a little bitter. That is what many people love about chocolate.

  1. Fish

You need an Omega 3 fatty acids rich source and salmon is the best source of that. You should have fatty fish. Make sure it is home cooked, baked, or curry. The fish fingers and fries don’t count.

  1. Asparagus

Asparagus is one of the healthiest food items, everybody knows. But you don’t have to put it in a boring soup. There are a lot of ways to cook asparagus. You will love it when you find the right asparagus dish. You might even want to include in your wedding menu.

  1. Avocado

Avocado is something people hate to have but if you have anxiety and nothing is helping, you will bite the avocado bullet and you will heal. Yes, having some avocado every day helps relieve anxiety. You don’t even have to eat one full avocado but make sure you have at least half every single day.

  1. Milk

Milk is the go to food for many a problem. Be it physical health or mental. Have cool milk to soothe your anxiety and your tummy. You don’t even need to cook anything or wait to have milk. Do yourself a favor and have a cool glass of milk every night. Warm milk is good too if it is winter, or if you just like it warm.

  1. Oatmeal

This is the perfect breakfast even for people who are already perfectly healthy, and have no anxiety whatsoever. Have oats every morning and you will feel an energy that will keep the anxiety at bay. It might not always help but give it time. Trust healthy food. Even after your marriage, you should continue having oats and making your partner have it too.

These 8 anti anxiety foods will take you a long way. And don’t forget to cut down on sweet and alcohol before the wedding days are upon you.


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