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Benefits of Litespeed And SSD Web Hosting

FindItMore | Talking about speed on the internet, it is the most crucial aspect. Anybody would be easily turned down by a website that has pages which take an enormous amount of time to load. It is extremely important for a site to be super responsive to get attention and more traffic to the website.

Website speed is also an important factor in Search Engine Optimization parameters. A fast and responsive website is always very advantageous. So, what makes a website fast and imparts the speed of improving its performance? Of many factors, the website’s speed is primarily dependent on the website hosting.

A website hosting is a physical space where the website is launched. There are ample of web hosting options available with every business hosting provider. Different web hosting has different unique features which make them suitable for different purposes. When speed is what you are looking for, the Litespeed hosting is what you should look at.

Litespeed servers are specially designed for a website’s speed. A Litespeed server is a high performing web hosting server. It is a web server that imparts the desired speed to the website leveraging the operational and hardware costs involved in hiring a business hosting provider. How does a Litespeed hosting┬áserver give speed to the website? Well, here are the characteristics of a Litespeed server:

  • A Litespeed server is the best replacement for the traditional Apache server. Litespeed server is highly compatible with the Apache server, which is a widely used server. It is twice as fast as Apache server and makes all the operations very fast. The transition from an Apache server to Litespeed server is seamless and hassle-free. A Litespeed server is compatible with all the usual Apache features, including mod_rewrite, .htaccess, and mod_security. You don’t need a special skill set of any training or to change any of the settings of the existing server. With steps as minimal as installing and upgrading the Apache server, you can switch to a server with better speed and performance.
  • The architecture of a Litespeed server is event-driven. So, when there is load on the server, it is effectively managed by the server. All the connections on the server are served in cycles, and this does not overload the server, and the speed is also maintained. With this architecture, the server uses far less CPU memory as is used in an Apache server. Hence a sudden spike in traffic does not overload the server.
  • Since the resources used are minimal, deploying this server reduces the pressure on the hardware and also reduces the overall expense. For a business, reduced cost means increased profits!

To use a better version of the software and to increase the efficiency of the hosting and performance of the website, having hardware which can handle the software and its configurations is a must. SSD is that upgraded version of the hardware which enhances the working of a website.

Another very reliable hosting when it comes to a faster loading website is an SSD hosting. Solid state drives are the newest advancements which replace the Hard drive disks which were used earlier.

In an SSD, the data that is stored uses an integrated circuit assembly to store data on the server. There are new data centers that are coming up based on this technology. The SSDs use less power and space and last longer as they are not vulnerable to any physical damage. Just like upgrading from Apache server to Litespeed server is easy, upgrading from HDDs to SSDs is also a trouble-free task.

In HDD to SSD hosting transformation, the software configurations are not touched at all. It is the hardware operations that are changed. It is the hardware which is upgraded and made capable of handling increased load efficiently.

Some of the characteristics of SSD hosting are:

  1. SSDs servers are two hundred times faster than the traditional HDD servers.
  2. The servers are not prone to any physical damage.
  3. The servers don’t heat up as much as HDDs do. Thus, the maintenance of the servers is lesser than what is required for older versions in HDD server.
  4. Although the SSD servers are expensive as compared to the HDD server, their life is twice as much as what HDDs have.
  5. SSDs use lesser power and consume fewer resources thus there is saving up on resources and power.
  6. A sturdy hardware means will always encounter secondary server crashes and hold more data in the same cost and maintenance.

The speed at which your web pages load has now become an important parameter of judgment on your website and its brand worth. It is important that you use take measures that contribute to making the website speedy with every element of the website.


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