Mixed Martial Arts

5 Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

FindItMore | Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a sport that has been on the rise in the recent past. It is a great form of exercise that gives one the ability to defend themselves, as well as get in impeccable shape. People have been pursuing this in professional and academic capacity over the years as the benefits of MMA have been understood better. Following are a few benefits:

  1. Boosts your strength

What sets apart MMA from other sports is that it requires all of your muscles to be active and engaged, unlike in any other sport. The focus is not just on your upper body strength, as it would be if one was a swimmer, for instance. Instead, when one practices MMA, then they have to use all of their muscles that boosts their overall strength. The training involved in MMA such as that of kicking, punching and grappling ensures the usage of muscles that are usually not engaged. Core muscles and muscles that are not usually used, are all used in this sport that lead up to improvement of overall strength.

  1. Better coordination

While practicing MMA, one needs to use their whole body and be quick on their feet. This training, improves the coordination of a person as they become more aware of their body’s movements. The timing and distance are two factors that the artist are trained to improve and due to it, they become better coordinated. The unison of the all muscles being used improves proprioception, which means that a person is better equipped at sensing the orientation of their body and being more agile.

  1. Increases Toughness

One could use as many gym equipment as they wish, but the results that one would get through proper MMA training will not be of match. This is because with the MMA training, one has to use all of their muscle and this develops the stamina and strength like no other exercise. The techniques involved are designed in a manner to push one’s boundaries. For instance, continuous grappling leads to brutal cardio that makes a person to be in the ideal physical condition. With all the muscle gained as well, one becomes more tolerant to pain and learns to harden their body to withstand pain. For employing these techniques in the rightful manner, there is college MMA that gives education to student athletes.

  1. Improves Mental Health

Benefits of MMA are not restricted to physical well-being. It definitely gets one in shape and helps in gaining muscles, but it also positively affects the mental health of those who practice the art. With any exercise, a person is able to release their pent up emotions and get a sense of achievement as they reach their health goals. Similarly, for those who are in this sport are able to push themselves harder and push their bodies. When they break the barriers that they created for themselves, it gives them the sense of empowerment and puts them in a better place to navigate through obstacles that life will put up. MMA also improves one’s self confidence and makes them more comfortable and happy in their bodies. With such rigorous training, the outcome is often a well- shaped body and for people struggling with body image issues, this aspect of it is super helpful. Moreover, studies suggest that exercise plays a positive role for those going through bipolar disorder. Since MMA is such a rigorous exercise, it can effectively help in this regards as well.

  1. Helps in developing a bond with people

The people you train with and your trainer will be those whom you would spend a lot of time with. These people will see you be vulnerable and will be your support system. From being strangers, these people for sure will become your family, as the bond that would be shared among all would be like no other. It is a misconception that those who do MMA are violent and aggressive; rather they respect you and the journey you have been on as they relate to it the best. MMA presents a platform for people to meet and make friends. Bonding increases through exercise and MMA is an excellent example of that. It makes you reflect on yourself and induces growth in your relationships because everything you do, you do it as a team.

MMA is a different sport, as it demands commitment and resilience of a whole other level. Those who partake in it develop not only a great body but also the ability of defending themselves gives them a sense of empowerment like no other. For people struggling with mental health and or body image issues, MMA is the ideal avenue for them as the rigorous training has long term benefits the mind and the body.


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