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7 Best Cars for Car Camping in South Africa

South Africa

FindItMore | Waking up at one sunny morning in South Africa and enjoying the soft warm breeze makes people plan to head for the car camping road trip. This is the best thing one can plan while living in the exotic beauty of the region. The country is known for its epic beauty and adventurous places. The Royal Natal National Park, Tietiesbaai Beach Camp, and the captivating Motswedi Luxury Campsite are some of the most prominent places to visit in your comfortable cars. Discovering the oceans, scenic beauty and places full of nature while lying in the soft seats and smooth drive of your car is nothing but heaven. It turns the world into a wonderland where there are peace, comfort, and beauty. For those who love to travel far and wide while sticking by their dream cars or taking their family along with them to wherever they go, there is a list of some of the best camping cars to purchase. These cars will add fun and adventure to their trip while protecting you with their efficient performance. So without any further ado let’s check out the list of top cars to go camping in South Africa as summarized below:

Subaru Outback

One of the widely demanded car on the auction cars online in South Africa– Subaru is the best car to take on camping. The car was known as the station wagon with its body bold and strong enough to handle the shocks and jerks off the road. It has five seats, perfect for your big family or a group of friends and is wide enough to balance your beverages and those mouthwatering snacks. You can even crawl in your comforter if you plan to go all alone. Subaru has the capability to handle all kinds of surfaces from rough terrains to muddy roads, clumsy hills to sandy deserts. It can beat every path to make your trip a memory. As compared to other models of Subaru, this model is fuel and cost efficient. It has a 256 horsepower and provides smooth drive and excellent performance.

2017 GMC Acadia

Looking like a mini-van- 2017 GMC Acadia is a perfect option when going on camping. South Africa has diverse terrain. Some places have hills while others have modern landscape. To make your trip successful you must count on this car. The GMC Acadia draws a line between a family car and a cargo-friendly vehicle. It is an all-wheel drive and drives perfectly on every terrain. ITs pick up is smooth and mots steering works even more smoothly. It leaves no pressure on your body making you feel fit even after hours of drive. The interior has most comfortable and soft seats and luxurious features. The big seven-passenger seating makes the car big enough to accommodate your crazy bunch of pals. It has space for storing your sleeping bags, hand carries and even tent houses.

Honda Element

Honda Element is an out an out a camping car. The car was criticized for its awful box-like exterior. However, all of its features depicts its excellence for camping. It has washable interior and strain resistant covers. Having the space of five passenger seats, the car is wide enough to provide room for your camping tents and picnic baskets. Though it lacks beauty, it excels in functionality. The Honda Element is fuel-efficient and perform very well. It has a 166 horsepower and a high-speed engine. The car has the capability to drive on diversified terrains and landscape. You can enjoy a warm and relax drive no matter how far you have planned to go.

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee is an ultimate option for making your camping a wonderful experience. No matter to which campsite you plan whether the riverside or a field near the boulders, the car is sure to take through every landscape hurdles without you feeling a single jerk.

The wide and comfortable seating facility in the car allows you to haul your entire group to make your life full of happiness. The auspicious pace to store cargo and camping accessories adds to its advantages. The car has robust functionality and provides smooth drive on almost all sort of landscape. Its turbo diesel power makes it easier to carry loads to whichever terrain you want. It provides high-speed performance and its shock adjusters make the trip jerk less. Furthermore, it can tow up to 7400 lbs. that makes all sort of camping possible.

Toyota 4Runner

Every single model of Toyota 4Runner is a beauty in itself. It is a perfect car to take on camping in the serene areas and spots of South Africa. The car receives a huge sell in the region due to its epic comfort and most cozy drive. The way it moves on the road it makes you feel no jumps or jerk. It is best to take on hilly areas and muddy roads. The car is incredibly affordable and is fuel-efficient as well. It has a horsepower of 236 and a sitting arrangement of our people. Though a bit compact but it performs really well on any sort of camping plan. The flip-ups, power steering and a fascinating sound system are enough to make your trip a compelling memory.

Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey is a popular name around the world. The car is best known for its fuel-efficient engine and robust performance. The muscle car has a horsepower of more than 250. Its 148 cubic feet allows a wide space storing of camping accessories. You can stuff many bags, camping tents, snacks, picnic basket your professional camera and lights to make your trip an unforgettable experience. It can drive you through all kinds of well-graded roads. If you have an adventure planned for the weekend, better make that plan a success with this ever efficient and smooth performing vehicle.

Wrapping Up

To the tourist spots of South Africa, you can give a warm welcome to your presence there to experience and appreciate the epic beauty hidden in the hills, spots, waterfall, and forest of the country. Jump into your coolest and incredibly luxurious camping car and enjoy the moments of your life. You can have more options of cars for your camping trip as well. A huge variety of muscle cars are there that provide peaceful rides at affordable prices.

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