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Best Exercises For Vertical Jump

FindItMore | Anyone that is serious about improving their game should take basketball training seriously when they practice. Every basketball player that is good at the game is able to do basic tasks with no problem. Anyone that is a great basketball player can pass, dribble and shoot the ball without any problems. Basketball demands a lot from your body, so you need to stay in shape to play the game right. Now let’s look at some of the best exercises for a vertical jump that can improve your game dramatically.

Strength Exercises

Strength Exercises

It is imperative, when playing the game of basketball, to have a body that is strong. Strength training is only one aspect of getting in shape for basketball, but it’s an important part. Not only does it make you more effective on the court, it helps your muscles stay strong enough to avoid injuries. Your upper and lower body should always be worked out. You should also use different muscle groups with free weights or resistance machines. When you play the game of basketball, your goal is not to lift heavier weights every time you work out. Muscle endurance needs to be increased all the time. You want to do weight lifting that is all about repetition, around 8 to 10 of them. You are not trying to lift massive amounts of weight.



Another best exercises for vertical jump part of basketball is footwork. You need to be able to change directions instantly, plus have exceptional speed. Horizontal and vertical movements are things you need to learn how to do, especially when facing a really good defense. Every player that has great speed and agility typically uses an agility ladder every day. Doing footwork drills, you don’t have to have this piece of equipment, but it can certainly help. Many people will hop with 1 foot from box to box practicing different types of movements with the agility ladder to improve their game. You should also practice hopping with both feet. Developing your ability to go in different directions on-the-fly (forwards, sideways and backward) are things you can do with the agility ladder.

Speed Exercises

Speed Exercises

Needless to say, speed is a critical element in playing basketball well. You should, therefore, work on this in your training. Speed may have a lot to do with a person’s physical makeup, but can still be developed more. An example of how you can advance your stamina is by sprinting. Because playing basketball requires the player to be all over the court; running sprints when training will give you a fraction of the range you need.

Most all of the exercises you carry out should be done in the basketball gymnasium; including the speed drills. You will have an easier time of bouncing about the basketball court if you have spent sufficient time strength training.

The best exercises for the vertical jump in this article will be able to help you improve your game in many ways. Since this is such a demanding sport, you need to be able to diversify your exercises in as many ways as possible. You need to practice your drills every day in a repetitive fashion. It is also important to make sure that your muscles do not become accustomed to one type of movement. If this happens, your conditioning may not be as effective.

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