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Best Live TV Apps For Android In 2018

Live TV Apps

FindItMore | There are a lot of Live TV apps are present on the internet. Everyone doesn’t have that much time to watch their TV shows or movies at the time. So they choose to go on the internet and look for the best alternative that is probably the Live TV apps. But my article is concerned only about android devices.

Android devices have made your phone a pocket TV. It does not bound you for your any favorite TV channel. These are nowadays going to TV device. But we have to be careful in selecting the Live TV apps present on the internet. I will discuss the reasons. But you should have an internet connection for these Live TV apps to use. Internet connections can be Wi-Fi or Cellular Data depending on your choice.

The reasons to not give a random try to any Live TV app present out on the internet are;

Mostly the apps are junky means either they have some kind of malicious codes running on the back end or you can say some viruses. A random try to any Live TV app may cost you to lose your privacy may be your important data.  There are present some Live TV apps that ask for the contact information that is totally not necessary to use a Live TV app. Never ever provide them with your personal info.

If you wish to download real genuine Live Tv apps I will recommend always download them from their official website or from some of the trusted app stores. Trusted app stores include Google Play store And Amazon app store in my view. If you visit Amazon app store then you need to change a little bit of your Android device security setting. Don’t worry its safe if you use my instructions given above.

Changes are;

  1. Go to Settings on your device
  2. Go to Security
  3. On the unknown sources option

Best Live TV App List

All the Live TV Apps which I think are fine to use with respect to security and meet the requirements are stated below.

EDoctor IPTV App

This app name as Edoctor IPTV App just secured the best Live TV app position in 2017. Every channel is in high definition (HD). And the number of the channels are in also thousands. After providing HD channels they also not buffer mostly. So you can enjoy any live channel softly and will not irritate or bother you by buffering or stopping.

It has a great number of channels from the different sides of the world including sports, news, movies etc. I will recommend downloading this amazing app from their official website because of some the security issue.

UKTVnow Live TV App

UKTVnow live TV app is on the list for this year. Because they offer a variety of different and spicy channels from around the world. All channels are high definition (HD). It contains about 150 TV channels that are living at the moment. All channels are different in their own aspect. If you don’t like any specific kind of channel or show you can filter them on behalf of Genre, year, Rating and type. You do not have to log in if you wish to stream any live TV channel. There is no register. This app is not listed in Google play store. You can download the UKTV Live TV App from their official website. This will also minimize the security problem that we face these days on the internet.

This app can be used on both Android and iOS users. The website got a very high traffic on the website after the launching of the Live TV app. Most channels are related to Entertainment, News, Sports and movies. They have divided the channels into categories so a user doesn’t have to bother much if he or she wanted to find a specified channel although there is also a search bar present if you want to search a specific app.

Buffering is not here to irritate users. Besides this, all channels are High Definition (HD). Streaming is also very fast.

Exodus Live TV App

Exodus Live TV App contains the channels from US, UK, Asia and some countries from Africa etc. This Live TV app named Exodus has a very special and easy graphic interface. Anyone can easily understand and use it.

The app Exodus is totally free to use because they are earning by posting ads on the Exodus Live TV app. Ads may be irritating but if you want to remove them and have a small amount of money you can surely buy their premium package and enjoy the channels from all over the world.


Mobdro Live TV app is based on Android. Means it can only be used on Android devices. Mobdro has secured the position in the list for a long time. This Live TV app provides all kinda movies, news, sports channels.

It has almost 750 live channels that cover the whole world. Video Player is also excellent provide you with the best view. If you wish to watch channels of your wish you can filter the channels. You will get this Live TV app on the official website.

Torrent Free Controller for Android

Torrent Free Controller for Android. The name describes them all. You can get all the channels free of cost here. Graphic view of Torrent Free Controller is also very simple and eye-catching. You can watch the TV channels on low-speed internet connections too because of loads the next seconds before.

Already told you about the app that is totally free. I never got any issue with this TV app personally. I use it often. Just download and install the application on your device. After downloading the Apk file .you may have to download a stream loader on your device.

After the installation of the apk file, install the streaming loader. Select a media player I will go for VLC player and enjoy.


All of the above Live TV apps are excellent to use. If you wish to add any other app then contact us by commenting below.

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