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Best Ways to Help You to Backup Mac Data Efficiently

Backup Mac Data

FindItMore | Who has never been slow on the Mac or lost some important file for having deleted by mistake or for some reason on the Mac? So, doing a preventive maintenance regularly and keeping backup of your most important files is extremely necessary. If you do not have the habit of doing a cleanup once in a while on your Mac and having a backup of your documents, you should start right now doing this. With that in mind here are 5 steps to do the preventive maintenance of your Mac and be prepared for any unforeseen or malfunction in your system.

Step 1 – Backup Regularly

The best way to prevent any incident with your Mac is to be prepared for it to happen, so the best way to avoid losing all your data is due to some Hardware, Software or even to have erased some important file by mistake is to back up your files regularly.

The best way to back up your Mac is by using a program that Apple already makes available on all your computers, Time Machine, with which you can get an exact copy of your system with all your files and can recover a file or system whole in just a few minutes and in a very simple and intuitive way. Super Tip: If you use Time Machine to back up your files, we do not recommend partitioning your hard drive, because if something happens to your hard drive, you will also lose your backup. Use an external hard drive or Apple’s Time Capsule to ensure you have a backup of security if something happens to your Mac. You can still use other backup options of your most important files as you copy them to CDs, DVDs and Pen Drive, or even use some cloud storage service like iCloud or Dropbox and you do not lose any important files.

Step 2 – Keep Everything Up to Date

Keeping your system and other programs up-to-date will not only prevent you from errors and bugs but will also help you to be more secure because many of these updates also help correct possible security holes. To update your Mac OS Sierra simply click on the Apple menu (Apple in the upper left) and then select the App Store, open the App Store select the Updates tab and you can check all pending updates.

Super Tip: If you do not have the habit of frequently updating your Mac, it is important that after you update it, you can click again on App Store updates and make sure your system is fully updated, as some updates may depend on others to fully updated. For you to never forget to keep your MAC OS up to date you can still leave the option to always make automatic updates, so you must enter System Preferences> App Store> and select the options to make the updates automatically.

Step 3 – Delete Unneeded Files and Apps

Another important action for the preventive maintenance of your Mac is to delete files and programs that you no longer use, and to free up more space on your hard drive, you still save time when you back up your Mac. To delete files and programs of your Mac is very simple, just drag them into the bin and then empty the bin.

Super Tip: If you have very large files that are rarely used and you do not want to delete them, alternatively you can compact them and be able to free up more space on your Mac.

Step 4 – Install Gemini To Delete Duplicate Files

We often do not realize how many duplicate files we have, especially photos and music if you use your iPhone and iCloud on Mac so Gemini is a very efficient program to find those duplicate files on your Mac and help you in task to free up more space on your system and save time for maintaining backups.

After the scan Gemini will show all the files you have duplicated on your Mac including a very cool option that shows, for example, the photo that is better quality so that you delete the duplicate photos with worse quality. Remember that Gemini does not delete files automatically, it just looks for and shows you the files that are duplicated, and it’s up to you to analyze if you really want to delete duplicate files.

Step 5 – Install Online Tools to Perform Weekly Maintenance

Online tools are undoubtedly the best cleaning tools for Mac, very easy and intuitive this tool will help you do a thorough cleaning on your Mac and is also an excellent option to use together with Gemini.

With online tools you will have the complete option to improve the slowness of your Mac and clean all the corners of your Mac, such as folders that are no longer used, photos, music, programs, widgets, emails and more! Best of all, you can still schedule your Mac clean up and never forget to do preventive maintenance, and the best of all is that to take help from any good data recovery Dubai company, knowing exactly what can and cannot be deleted from your Mac., so you are not at risk of erasing important Mac OS files and having your system corrupted.

Final Considerations

Mac backup is very simple to set up and can be the difference between despair and reassurance when something goes wrong with your files. The Mac is already installed with Time Machine, an easy-to-configure backup system that automatically saves copies of hourly versions of the last day, daily copies of the last month, and weekly copies of all previous months, rotating (automatically deleting) the oldest copies to make room for new ones when the free space ends. You can close it without fear: from now on, Time Machine will work automatically. If you need to go back to it, you’ll find its icon in System Preferences. But if you leave it open, it will display how much time remains to complete the initial backup, which can take several hours – but automatic backups are fast thereafter.

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