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FindItMore | It is true that you love your pets and always try your best to give them all the necessary comfort treatments along with health supplements. This is good, but you should not forget their regular grooming. Whether you have a pony or horse, they all need perfect grooming to stay happy and healthy. Besides, regular grooming gives you a chance to make your bond with your pet stronger. Well, you don’t need any professional help in this matter as there are some easy to use pet grooming and farrier horse hoof trimming tools that you can buy online and use at your own convenience. So, here you will get to know about a few grooming steps and tools that can help you in this. Before that, let’s get to know about some of the advantages of a little daily pet grooming.

Regular horse grooming benefits

Generally, grooming assists your horse in maintaining a healthy coat and skin. This offers more than that. This also helps in maintaining your horse’s training and behavior. While grooming, you secure the horse by tying them to the hitching rail. This way, you can teach them to stand still while treating hooves.

Combining a grooming kit

You should start by bringing in all the required oils, clippers, cleaning solutions, brushes, farrier horse hooves tools, and all. Besides, perfectly securing the horse, don’t forget to use a body brush, curry comb, and mane or tail comb. You can buy all these grooming tools online.

  1. Clean the horse hooves

When the hoof increases, it creates issues in your horse navigation. So, you need to keep them in proper shape. Firmly bring the horse leg backward with tendons and lift it up.

Perfectly hold on to your horse’ hoof and use a trimming tool such as a hoof nipper to cut away excess hoof. Then use rasps to bring the hoof into a perfect shape. However, if you find any cracks on your horse’s hooves, it will be better to call a professional farrier as the task may require more expertise.

  1. Currying

To loosen the grit or dirt on the coat, use a curry comb. For best results, comb in a circular motion. Remember that horses have their sensitive points across the body as some have near the belly area, and some have sensitive skin.

Understand this and adjust your pressure accordingly. Make sure your horse is enjoying this. Well, keep an eye for the signs that they will show when they aren’t so happy.

  1. Detangling mane and tail

A silky and smooth mane & tails make your horse look beautiful. To maintain it, brush the tail and mane with a mane comb. Always begin from the bottom area and gradually move downwards. It helps in unraveling the knots. However, to avoid tangling, you can use the best-quality horse grooming spray.

  1. Body brush

Currying removes dirt from the body. But with body brushing, you can remove the things that currying can’t remove. Such brushes come with stiff and longer bristles. Brush vigorously along with the direction of growth of the hair.

  1. Taking care of ears and eyes

Use a soft and damp sponge and gent wipe around the horse’s eyes, muzzles and ears to remove dirt. Besides, check eyes for redness, infections, or rashes. If found, then do consult a vet.

  1. Horseshoes nailing

In general, horseshoes normally need to be replaced every 7 to 8 weeks. If the shoes have already worn out, then replace them immediately.

Use a nail puller to remove nails. Then remove worn-out metal using shoe puller. Clean the area properly and put the new shoes.


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