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14 Career Paths You Can Pursue In The Construction Industry

FindItMore | The building and construction industry is one of the fields that provide a lot of different works. It has a lot of career opportunities both local and abroad. Careers in this industry are fast-paced because of the anticipated growth in the industry as well as the shortage of skilled workers.

Below are the potential work and careers you can encounter once you chose the construction industry:

  • Project Manager

The construction managers are responsible for overseeing the entire construction project. They act as liaisons between the owners, architects, engineers, and construction workers. Project Managers are responsible for the daily work and create reports about progress, cost, and issues. Moreover, they also hire people and execute the detailed construction plan, making sure that everything is done according to order and budget.

  • Engineers

Perhaps this is a famous job in the construction industry. It covers a wide array of disciplines including electrical, civil, structural, and geotechnical. The engineer’s role ensures that the plan works before and during the implementation.

Samples include:

• Structural engineers – calculates the load capacities for walls. They also understand the strength and weaknesses of the process, estimating how it might affect the construction.

• Geotechnical engineers – check the foundations of construction to ensure that they are properly designed and implemented according to the building size.

  • Architects

This also includes architectural technologists and they are both responsible for the design of the buildings. The architect designs the overall structure while architectural technologists guarantee the technical aspects of design work.

  • Quantity Surveyor

Quantity Surveyors (QS) are responsible for everything about the construction project. They analyse the plan and the overall cost it will take. They always prepare a schedule of quantities for the project. QS is responsible for monitoring the actual and budgeted costs. Usually, they help a construction project to make a profit. Quantity Surveyor runs a wide range of competencies outside the traditional quantity surveying activities.

  • Construction Equipment Operators

These people are using a wide array of equipment at the construction site and includes road graders, bulldozers, trench excavators and more. Most the Construction Equipment Operators learned about their work via on-the-job training. They can also learn from apprenticeship programs

  • Electricians

Electricians are responsible for a number of different construction projects and they are a fundamental part of them. They can supervise and design complex lighting systems as well as repair and maintenance of expensive construction equipment.

  • Plumbers

Plumbers play a lot of roles in the construction, helping in the maintenance and repair/replacement of worn out pipes. Moreover, they can install all the important pipes during the construction project. Plumbers can also create estimations of the required type and amount of equipment needed during the construction project.

  • Mason

Masonry works deal with building blocks of construction. Masons are responsible for the project that involves individual and separate pieces. They glued together the pieces using a substance like mortar. They also work with other materials like marble, brick, and concrete blocks.

  • Glaziers

This kind of construction work deals with the installation of glass in the building. The glaziers cut and place the glass into all types of structures. They can work in residential homes, offices, skyscrapers, and buildings. Typically, their job involves lifting heavy pieces of glass. To get this kind of job, most employers require a high school diploma for qualification.

  • Welder

Welders are using machines called welding power supplies. It blasts a superheated electrical current to make the materials stick together. They work on metals and plastics. With this kind of work, welders are required to wear specially designed clothes and equipment for safety purposes.

  • Carpenter

They are involved in almost everything when it comes to the construction process. From high rise buildings to the hardwood process, you can see carpenters working. The carpentry field is big and all carpenters have their own specialization. Their wide range of duties depending on the specific job can include:

• Framing for low-rise apartments and wood frame house
• Reading blueprints to create material list and cutting schedule for lumber
• Using power and hand tools when cutting and shaping wood after the careful measurements
• Manufacturing wooden assemblies like roofing trusses and beams
• Using advanced fitting and measurement skills for creating precise wooden pieces for site and building construction

  • Construction laborers

This job is perfect for those who don’t want to spend too much time acquiring a highly specialized university degree. Construction labourers are flexible, performing various tasks on site. The tasks they perform are essential in preparing the construction site operations. They play a vital role in the building process.

  • Boilermaker

Boilermakers is said to be a highly-paid construction job. Their work includes the following:

• Assembling of containers
• Installing huge containers
• Repairing these large containers

The containers involved in this job hold liquids and gases. A lot of boilermakers have completed formal apprenticeship programs before they are hired for the position.

  • Ironworkers

They are responsible for installing reinforcement rods that are made of iron or steel in various dams, buildings, and roads. Ironworkers are also the ones who build steel beams for high-rise buildings as well as bridges. There are two ways to be an ironworker: one is completing apprenticeships and two is on the job training. Welding and rigging certificates will help those who want to be ironworkers.

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