Colorful Ram Trucks To Check in 2020

FindItMore | Want to stand out? Thousands of Colorful RAM Trucks 1500s in sharp colors are about to be shipped out to dealerships all over the country. These trucks come with color schemes that have never been seen before, and the different colors will be packaged as limited editions that are customized with unique features. The new colors are probably names you haven’t heard of and include Gator, Anvil, Tank, and Spitfire. Not to worry, though, our local dealer, Gerry Wood Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, assures us that RAM has reasons for all the color names and different hues.

Built to Serve Editions

The exclusive new colors are part of Ram’s all-new “Built to Serve Editions,” which is set to honor the five United States Armed Forces service branches. Two specially selected colors will represent each branch and include five new low-volume paints for each service branch. The Built to Serve Editions also have military-inspired features that make it easier for consumers to customize their rides. RAM has even taken the time to appeal to community volunteers with the introduction of the RAM nation, and you do not need to be a member of the military to own one of these spiffy trucks. As for how the colors break down, RAM is expected to release 1,000 vehicles in Gator and 1,000 in Diamond Black to represent the Army. Another 1,000 will be in Ceramic Grey and 1,000 in Parrot Blue representing the Navy. There will be 1,000 in Avril and 1,000 in Billet Silver for the Air Force. The Marines get 1,000 trucks in Tanks and 1,000 in Flame Red, while the Coast Guard has 500 in Spitfire and 500 in Bright White.

Inside the cabin, each of the “Built to Serve” RAM trucks comes with a unique corresponding color stitching that includes Light Frost, Light Ambassador Blue, Light Diesel Gray, Core Green, or Orange. The “Built to Serve” package is available on not just the Ram 1500 Big Horn Quad cab but on all trim levels and all models.

Popular RAM Colors

It seems that every year vehicle breaks out new colors to test the market and keep up with the new colors that you see in a fashion or home decor. In 2020, RAM has highlighted a new color called Hydro Blue, which has proven to be extremely popular and is also the reason you have seen different shades of olive green and burnt orange because of how popular they are in everyday life. Most companies, like RAM, are also experimenting with matte and satin finishes, especially on high-level trims. If RAM finds that there is an even higher demand for its new colors like Tank, which is a different shade of tan, Anvil, which is a new shade of silver, or even Spitfire, which is a vibrant orange, you can be sure that there will be even more colors added to the powerful RAM lineup.

RAM has anticipated that these new colors will be in demand, and should increase sales for the already popular mid-size pickup. These colors add to the already Night Edition packages that deck the 1500 and 2500 out in a slick black trim. We can’t wait to see what color scheme RAM will think of for 2021!


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