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6 Ways to Get a Competent Private Guitar Instructor in Phoenix

Guitar Instructor

FindItMore | Determining to pursue guitar classes is a fantastic prospect. However, its success is dependent on the instructor you hire and their qualifications. Getting the best guitar instructor may seem easy, but it isn’t.

However, don’t worry, we’re here to help you. In this article, we’ll enumerate the primary considerations to make when choosing the best instructor on private guitar lessons in Phoenix. Be sure to follow them.

  1. Education

Opinions vary on whether a guitarist needs to study their instruments formally. Many institutions offer complete programs on a variety of guitar styles. Everything from playing pop music to improving jazz to classic. Your instructor may have gone to school or studied one-on-one with some professional players.

Besides showing you the technique, you need someone who’ll explain the music theory so that you understand better what you’re playing.

  1. Teaching Experience

Many guitarists can teach, but they may not have the experience. Relaying information is an art, and everyone learns differently. Having a good education isn’t enough to make your guitarist the best instructor.

Choose someone who’s had some few years of teaching behind them. If you choose to engage an instructor who’s new to teaching, be sure to negotiate for a price reduction.

  1. Accessibility

Before you start with your private instructor, your schedules have to agree. Ensure both of you are set to meet at a consistent time every week. If you’re both busy or your plans keeps on changing consistently due to other engagements, you’re not a perfect match.

At times, you may have questions regarding your lessons. Ensure the instructor can answer your questions in a day or two.

  1. Dedicated

Learning a new skill takes time and patience. There’s a new chance you’re likely to fall. That’s okay! A good guitarist will stay with you throughout this course.

Get an instructor who has kept the same students for an extended period, say months or years. But you’ll also need to be motivated. A great instructor will match to your motivation.

  1. Price

Many guitar lessons are competitively priced. However, experienced teachers will tend to charge higher rates. Be sure to consider your financial prowess.

Taking lessons from a guitarist who doesn’t charge much may seem better at first. But in most cases, they’re only likely to share the basics.

If you want to invest in playing guitar on a higher level, invest in a competent and qualified teacher. It’ll help you build the groundwork necessary to advance in the industry.

  1. Love of Music

This is why you’re taking music lessons in the first place. Hopefully, your instructor will share a strong passion for music.

The teachers who love music are easier to spot. Because when you finally manage the complex melody you’ve been trying for years, they’ll show a bigger smile on their face.


The success of your guitar lessons is dependent on your teacher. A good guitar teacher needs to be a competent musician. Someone who you’re comfortable with.

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