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What is The Cost to Design a Mobile App?

FindItMore | Technology is a blessing. It has brought the entire world very close enclosed within a small gadget and on our fingertips. Users of the technology do not realize what goes behind the making of the apps that assist in the use of the technology. As the smartphones have emerged, every internet-based applications have contracted to mobile-based applications to make the use even more convenient for its users. Besides, designing a mobile app for everything is the best way to reach out to the target audience.

Questions and queries

But there are a number of questions and queries that arise. How must does a mobile app design cost? In addition, what are the factors that must be considered when the cost and budget to design a mobile app is undertaken? Is hiring a professional app designer necessary for better and professional results? Can a developer design a mobile app without a professional designer? How controlled must be the process of designing a mobile app be in order to ensure that the budget remains as planned? This post will guide you through all the factor and processes that must be undertaken when designing a mobile app because those factors determine the amount of money that the designing of a mobile app may require.

Why Professional Designer?

The look of the app determines whether a professional designer is required to design a mobile app or if the developer alone can do the task. Developers can design the app but professional developers have the knowledge and experience as per the target market and the customer needs. Just like an interior designer who fancies out a home, a professional designer knows the color combinations, contrasts, looks, details and other minute details that would cater to the type of audience and the theme as well as the purpose of the mobile app.

Although, designing might seem easy and may look like a task that anyone could perform. But it takes specialized minds, hands, and creative ideas to create the feel and required trendiness. After all, a great design becomes the first reason of attracting users. Looking for a designer is a hassle that might be able to cater the required needs of the mobile app as per demand. There are different designers that work in different genres and charge accordingly.

In general, it is said that designers charge from $2000 to $35,000 or more depending upon the kind of mobile app that is being made. Bigger companies invest in mobile app designers because the look is the first and the main point of attraction.

UI and UX features

Once the designer is chosen. The most crucial criteria that must be taken into account is the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) features.

The look and feel of the app deal with the UI part. However, the user experience and reaction is the UX part. Based on the type of audience the mobile app will cater to space, size and inter alia of the mobile app is designed. For Example, if a mobile app is being designed for males, it is likely to have more spaces, inter alia and based on their finger size that will be used while interacting with their smartphone. However, if the mobile app is designed for the female target audience then the style and size would be made sleek to suit their interactive needs. The UI and UX factors enhancement take huge sums of investment and planning but surely provide the higher user experience.

Android OR iOS

The next decision, which is considered the most important one is that whether the mobile app must be made of an Android device or an iOS device? Since Android and iOS are two entirely different operating systems, the app designed for either will not be for the other. For android the mobile app design process may vary as per the Android version however for iOS there are fewer and simpler steps that must be followed. However, a specialized developer knows the tricks an techniques for both.

Time required for designing app

The time is another factor that must be considered when designing a mobile app. The lesser the time is taken into designing a mobile app the higher the cost is. In order to ensure that the mobile app is designed within the planned time without any glitches and delays, proper planning and meetings must be done between the team in order to ensure maximum coordination and avoid any kind of a waste of time and resources.

Agency or Individual

It is usually debated that whether individuals must be hired or a single app development agency must be hired for development of the mobile app. Depending upon the kind of mobile app, the brand it will be representing, target audience, style and needs this decision is made. The app development agencies are likely to have specialists for each and every step of the mobile app designing, due to which they are likely to charge higher than the individuals. However, the quality of work may also vary based on the choices.


The location of the app development company also determines the cost of mobile app development. Asian countries usually charge smaller sums of money as compared to the developers and development companies available in the United States of America (USA), Europe and many technology savvy countries of the world. However, countries like India, Pakistan, and Ukraine, etc. can be affordable options. Each of the listed countries has a different per hour rate of designing.


Proper planning is the key to success for anything and everything. Whether it is life decisions or designing a mobile app, it requires proper planning. The planning process must take into account the necessary factors that must be considered while designing the mobile app. Besides, a proper timeline of the app designing process and budget must be made that must realistically. The selection of professional designers, developers and other technical members involved in the development of the app must be considered. Based on the considered factors the mobile app cost can be determined. In the end, the determined cost will be an assumed cost which is likely to change during the actual designing process.


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