Feminine Bathroom

3 Creative Ideas to Design a Delicate Feminine Bathroom

FindItMore | They say, your home decor speaks of your personality and taste. It is obvious that you will surely look for a way to channel your energy and spirit through your choice of colors, patterns, and style in your home decor. But while doing so, it is necessary for you to think about every part of your home, including your bathroom. Often, homeowners are so obsessed with making their house beautiful that they ignore the interior of their bathroom. But this is a major mistake they make. The bathroom is the first place where you go in the morning. So, it is essential to make the place beautiful where you start your day. So, you must think of bathroom decor as an extension of your personality. Now, if you are someone who is full of feminine charm and in love with all the delicate hues, patterns and styles, then you can think of a feminine bathroom design in your house or apartment.

Now, if you are planning to create a space that will not only exude the girly vibe but will also be functional, then you must keep the following tips in mind. Take a look.

Accented Antique Bathroom Vanity

One of the most dominating features of a bathroom is the bathroom vanity. So, when you are choosing your bathroom vanity cabinets, it is necessary for you to suit the mood as well as to provide your bathroom with a proper character that will manifest your personality and choices. So, for adding grandeur as well as style, go for an antique accented bathroom vanity. The classy structure, the traditional hues, and the timeless appeal will definitely make it a focal point in your bathroom.

Soothing Color Palette

After the vanity, you must think of the color of the bathroom. Obviously, you are planning to paint it in a way so that it will complement the already selected vanity. Make sure you are choosing a very soothing color palette which will not only complement the antique accent of the vanity but will also go with the feminine feel of the bathroom. Choose from white, pink, blush or neutral shades like off-white.

Touch of Fabric

To add a flirty, light feeling in the bathroom, it is necessary for you to add some fabric to the decor. One of the best solutions is the blinds. Yes, when you are choosing the window coverings for your bathroom, make sure you are opting for some stunning Roman blinds. Classy, timeless and stylish, these blinds will perfectly complete and complement your bathroom decor.  If you want something more playful and quirky, opt for the curtain of sheer materials. They will make your personal space cozy while improving the aesthetics to quite an extent.  You can also use a rug for the places like in front of your bathroom vanities. It will attribute a character to your bathroom interior.

So, now as you know about these creative ideas, what are you waiting for? Implement them in decorating the interior of your bathroom. You will surely create a space that will talk about your choices and personality.  And if you want to save some money, you can also opt for discount kitchen cabinets from a renowned whole-seller.


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