Employees Performance

Dealing With Your Employees’ Performance Issues

FindItMore | A motivated staff performing at their best can result in positive results for themselves and the organization,but more often than not you’ll encounter a few employees with poor performance.

Under performing employees are often easy to identify. They’re the employees who can’t meet specific goals, does low-quality work and inability to work with others. Other times, they might be difficult to spot. Some under performing employees rely heavily on others which would make them seem like they’re meeting objectives but are actually affecting the productivity of their colleagues.

Most reasons why an employee is successful at doing their job is because they have the skills, ability, or have received adequate training to do what they have been hired to do.

Each person’s situation is different, but a few common reasons why people under perform in their job is that they’re overqualified, or poorly matched to their jobs. These people might not have the knowledge or skills to do the tasks assigned to them which can lead to poor productivity.

Without the appropriate training as well, mistakes will surface and eventually increase especially if it’s not properly addressed.

Being immediately promoted could also affect an employee’s performance. If they’re promoted too soon or into an unsuitable role, the goals and tasks may go beyond their abilities which would not only affect them but the employees they’re leading as well.

Even the workplace environment can poorly impact an employee’s performance. Job performance can drop in an environment with health and safety issues. You can also expect the quality of the product they produce to deteriorate when they have to work in conditions with inadequate resources and equipment.

Employees who are struggling with meager salaries, excessive workloads or overtime, or issues with balancing their work life and personal life could lead to stress which contributes to their poor performance as well.

Having management or supervision issues can also affect productivity and performance. When their manager doesn’t correct the employee’s mistakes, their performance won’t ever get better, and they’ll continue to under perform for their whole stay in the company.

More times than not, an employee is experiencing challenges which inevitably results in poor work performance, but employers sometimes confuse under performance with misconduct,but the two couldn’t be more different.

While poor performance happens because the employee falls short on skills, ability, or training, misconduct occurs because the employee chooses not to perform well despite having the ability to.

These are only some of the contributors to your employee’s under performance. If left unchecked, under performing employees would cost your organization important resources such as time and money while losing productivity because of it. As a business leader, it’s your responsibility to handle the situation and set up your employees for success.

This infographic by Healthy Business Builder will show you a few tips on how to deal with under performing staff.

Employees Performance


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