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8 Easy Ways You Need to Make Your Boring Kitchen Look Expensive

FindItMore | Who says with a little budget you have, you can’t get the kitchen of your dreams? Our kitchens have an immense visual impact out of all the rooms. We picture ourselves gathered there with our friends, sipping wine over a fancy and elegant appetizer—or maybe cooking a family meal with your kids as your little culinarians.

There is no doubt that attaining your dream kitchen may be one of the most costly home remodeling projects you can possibly deal with. But don’t worry, we will reveal to you some sneaky tricks if your taste is bigger than your budget.

  1. Prioritize the Proper Layout

The rest is easy if your priority is to have an excellent laid out kitchen. The key here is to remember the work triangle–the gap between the sink, the stove and the refrigerator–must be as small as a footprint as possible. There is a rule for this but there are exceptions. The refrigerator should get nearer to the room’s entrance, since it’s normally the kitchen-goer’s main stop.

  1. Pick a Deluxe Color Palette

If we are talking about luxurious colors for your kitchen, we recommend that you opt for muted, sophisticated colors. You can notice how almost all luxury designers use lightly muted and off the primary colors for their branding. You can have options like cream, charcoal, and champagne over harsher black, white, silver, or gold.

After deciding which color you would want to use, you may also want to play with texture when you’re planning your palette. You can vary the texture to modify the convolution and have the design more assembled and lavish. Pick at least two or three very close colors and experiment with texture. For instance, you may have a cream, a white, and a subtle natural beige as your colors, then produce a visual interest by combining lots of texture in the room as your accent. Consider high-gloss, distressed finishes, matte, and raised patterns.

  1. Modernize Old Light Fixtures

Replace your old light fixture with a more up-to-date one. Almost everyone who walks into a kitchen for the first time looks up at the ceiling and checks out the lights. And because of that, you can place wonderful light fixtures over islands, at the sink, and the breakfast nook. Treat your lightings like a Christmas tree, as if there is one area will play as the ‘star’ and the others are just ‘subordinate embellishments’.

  1. Revive Worn Out Cabinets and Hardware

This is one of the fastest and cheap ways to update the appearance of your kitchen. You can transform your outdated kitchen to a fine one with new hardware. What you can do is replace all door pulls, handles, and even hinges with elegant pieces in surprising hues.

Don’t forget to pick pieces that fit the holes in your cabinets, since conventional crack-filling paste or waterproof filler and sealant can shrink. Also, be bold to blend metals. For instance, if your sink or lighting is made of chromium, your hardware can still be made of brass.

And if you feel that you need to replace your boring faucet, then go for it. You don’t have reasons not to since you can have plenty of amazing options on the market. Choose a smooth and sleek one that matches your cabinet hardware to instantly create a luxurious-looking finish to your sink.

  1. Invest in New Stemware

This part is optional depending on if you have extra cash to shell out, then might as well use it for a beautiful open shelf to exhibit gorgeous colored or textured glass.

  1. Have Your Backsplash Recasted

Aside from cabinets, your backsplash creates an enormous statement in your kitchen. Designers and builders claim that this is one of the places you want to spend your money on. This is the area of your kitchen that you can showcase your personal style and taste. However, if you are on a budget, you may recreate your backsplash without mortar by using an easier adhesive-based product.

  1. Upgrade Your View

If you don’t have that great view outside your kitchen window, you can fake an amazing view using window films or window appliques. If you don’t like the idea of it, you can hang ferns or some flowers outside your windows as an alternative of adding visual interest.

If that’s not possible, you may hang stunning works of art or any fun touches that would suit your kitchen. You don’t need to put up that same-old painting of fruits and such. Hang up any landscapes, abstract, or any handwoven works that shouts your personality.

  1. Remove Any Clutter

Have you ever seen an expensive house full of clutter? Not one, right? Get rid of things that you’re not even using or have your unnecessary stuff in an organized place and keep them contained when not in use.

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