Effective Ways to Fix Showbox App Errors on Android Smartphones

FindItMore | Showbox app is perhaps one of the most popular apps, providing media streaming services. This app offers a massive content to the users and that too free of cost. But from some time, users have been consistently facing some issues as the viewers could not download the app simply like the normal ones. This is because the app offers pirated content to its viewers, which makes sit doubtful that the app doesn’t have an official website.

No one knows what exactly went wrong with the app, but the app somehow got banished from the Google Play store. And all this happened just because of the pirated content offered by the app. Talking about the latest release, the Showbox app had its latest released version 5.35 in August last year.

However, the associated links are still not provided because of some valid reasons, including the risk of different APK offerings it contains that are suspicious of containing viruses and its questionable legitimacy of course. Moreover, the app used to allow users to stream illegal content, which is against the law.

Since the app has ultimately commendable popularity in the Android world. There are some sources available that can be a great help in case of some common issues that users are facing. These issues specifically include error messages like ‘cannot play video’ and ‘video not available’ or ‘unavailable server’.

What happened to the Showbox app?

Showbox has completely stopped working on every device. And almost all the servers from where it gets the stream has put an end to their functioning. The screen blacks out every time a user tries to play or download a video, and the screen pops up an error message like ‘can’t play video’ or ‘server not available’. In addition to these issues, the app may give an error message or notification on your screen while launching the application.

The ‘cannot play video’ error message in the Showbox app:

This ‘cannot play video’ is an error that occurs more often, especially for the beginners who fails to get their complete setup tuned and configured correctly. The primary reason for this error is the standalone programs that are there to play the videos. When you ask to play some video whose format is not supported by your video player, then it occurs.

So, the solution to this issue is to download a particular video player, MX Player, or VLC Player, which supports every kind of video. You can also get the appropriate solution to your issues by downloading any random player and shut down the Showbox. Once you shut down the app, you need to reboot your device, and there the app will recognize your player and support any format.

Showbox’s unavailability of the server

This is a standard error that users usually get. It seems to be unavailability of the server but is due to the issues with your app’s cache memory.

What happens is the app stores that server contained by a particular IP address and keeps on trying to visit the server even when it has gone down or has been removed. But you don’t need to worry as there is an easy-to-follow procedure to resolve this issue on your own, mentioned below:

Step-1. Just stop every activity on the Showbox app and shut it down.

Step-2. Just go to Android Settings and continue to go on App Manager and finally open the Showbox app.

Step-3. After completing the above procedure, tap the clear data option and wait for a while for the completion of this task.

Step-4. After cleaning the data, click on the clear cache option and wait for it to get completed.

Step-5. Lastly, you need to restart the Showbox app and retry playing any video.

Will Showbox return after getting banished from the Google Play store?

Talking about the past journey of the app, the app had been reported with tones of reports of the app not working. But somehow, the app returned after solving every issue of the users. And it is something to be noticed that the app came back for its users after so many matters.

However, there is still no news of 2020 about the issues and their solutions. Well, the latest tweet from the backend suggested that it could return.

Is the Showbox app safe to be used?

The users keep on sharing their experiences with the app and have mentioned that the app keeps on notifying to check the internet connection during the time, the internet is working fine. And no solution worked for this issue, and it could not get resolved even after reinstalling it.

Moreover, the app can’t be accessed in the app store. And if you find it on an unknown source and are thinking of downloading it, it can be unsafe to be installed on your device.

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