Electric Vehicles From Tesla Changing The Automotive Industry

FindItMore | Tesla is one of the most innovative automakers that specialize in manufacturing electric cars. The company was founded in 2003 and named after the physicist Nikola Tesla by its founder. Tesla also makes lithium-ion batteries, energy storages, solar panels, Power-pack batteries and solar roof tiles. Tesla is mainly known for its innovation and has established itself as an independent automaker. Since its founding, the company has aimed to provide affordable electric cars to average people.

One of the innovations of Tesla can be seen in their autopilot technology in their cars that provided assistance to the drivers. They are well-known in the automotive industry as a revolutionary car manufacturer. Electric cars produced by them have gained quite a positive response from the consumers all over the world. The most popular electric vehicle of Tesla is the Model S introduced in 2012. Over the years the car has seen major developments in terms of technology and it got the award for the top-selling electric car in 2015 and 2016.

Tesla is a self-sufficient automaker that mostly produces everything required to make their cars themselves. As such they have to be proficient in more than one field. They have mastered various domains that are necessary to make a car from developing batteries to motors, sensors and other innovative technology like auto pilot. They don’t use single large batteries like other car manufacturers but instead use thousands of small cells to make large power units to make them more efficient. Motors used in their cars are also made in their factory and a semi-autonomous driver assist or Autopilot installed in cars to help the drivers and prevents accidents.

Tesla motors have completely changed the opinions of consumers and car enthusiasts that believed that electric cars can’t succeed over the conventional cars. The failure of electric cars introduced before Tesla was due to their high prices and inability to travel long distances continuously. On average those cars could travel for 60-100 KM before needing recharging. But Tesla changed this and provided cars a6t affordable prices that could travel longer distances before needing to be recharged again. With the success of Tesla motors in capturing the shares of the automotive industry in electric car segment, various automobile manufacturers have started investing in the electric cars with the aim of toppling Tesla but no one has managed to do so.

The biggest benefit of electric cars is that they are helpful for the environment and helps in controlling problems like pollution, Global warming, and the greenhouse effect. Electric cars use electric motors and rechargeable batteries to power the vehicles. To make long-distance travel with electric cars convenient, Tesla has also invested in building a network of charging stations all across the globe. With these supercharger stations, a car will be charged in just 75 minutes.

They have also developed powerful charging connectors that are delivered with their vehicle. These can be installed at home and you can charge your vehicle overnight to use it during the day. Moreover, Tesla has also built a destination charging location network that provides on-site vehicle charging for long distance travelers. These chargers are twice as powerful as the normal charging location and installed in hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and other service stations. With their efforts and determination, Tesla has rebuilt the electric car industry all alone and has made the dream of futuristic electric cars a reality.

Electric Cars are the best options for those people that want to save on the constant maintenance and fuel costs. These cars are labeled as green cars as they don’t cause pollution like their other counterparts. The benefits of electric cars came to light only after Tesla launched their cars.


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