Factors That Affect Your Settlement Value in a Personal Injury Case (Infographic)

FindItMore | According to an article published by The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), injury grabs the 9th place in the most common causes of premature deaths worldwide, and 3rd in the most common reasons for people spending much of their years with disability. Additionally, tens of millions of people suffer injuries that usually leads to hospitalization.

Perhaps sustaining any physical injury from unexpected circumstances is one of the most miserable worst-case scenarios for everyone. You might never know when it will come; it can happen in your workplace, on the road, or even inside the safety of your home.

Injuries can also bring a long-lasting burden. This could be very true especially for those who are breadwinners, or people who are working to single handedly support an entire family. Not only it can send a family down into an emotional turmoil, but it can also make them financially unstable.

Fortunately, there are a handful of countries today that already passed a set of laws about granting the right compensations to anyone who inflicted injuries–this is of course, will depend on the severity and cause of the damage.This is pretty much different compared to the past centuries, where practically any person (mostly workers) gets injured or die from doing their job and doesn’t even get any indemnifications for all of the grueling ordeals they suffered. Yes, this is during the period in history where slavery was widely accepted.

But questions regarding this highly relevant topic still linger in the minds of the many. “How can I get compensated then? Will it be enough to cover all of the expenses?”

Here is a straight-to-the-point answer: The amount will always vary based on specific multipliers used by insurance companies as well as lawyers that determine whether to increase or decrease your settlement value. A large proportion of these values come from how much pain and suffering did the injured person experienced, both mentally and physically to the point that it hinders him or her from doing basic body functions. Most multipliers are usually 1.5, although they can sometimes range from 1 in mild injury cases to 5 for extremely severe and potentially lifetime injuries.

Moreover, those multipliers are heavily influenced by certain factors. These are:

  • The gravity of the injury
  • Medical treatment
  • Income
  • Emotional Distress

Just be mindful that it will not in any way, reflect the final result of your settlement claim value in the court as the juries do not apply such multipliers in making decisions.

To learn more about those factors, take a look at this infographic brought to you by The Brown Firm:

Personal Injury


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