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Fall Foliage Road Trips

FindItMore | We live in a beautiful country, and what better way to experience this country then with a good ole fashioned road trip for the fall! The further northeast you go the more you will be inundated with the majestic reds, the colorful yellows, and the bright oranges. Below are some of our favorite places to travel for those crisp fall months.

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

The only public road in Shenandoah National Park is Skyline Drive, and it takes you to 75 overlooks where you can gaze out at the virtual kaleidoscope of colors. Peak viewing time is usually from mid- to late-October, but it depends on how far up you go. The leaves begin changing on the highest peaks first and then trickle their way down to the lower elevation. Depending on where you travel, those hues can vary significantly due to various altitudes and other factors. The total trip extends for hundreds of miles over a range of elevation heights and can take as long as three hours, though we encourage getting out and doing some exploring. With 500 miles of trails with dense forests, ancient caves, towering mountains, and mint-enshrouded waterfalls, there is a lot to see!

The Kanc, New Hampshire

The White Mountains cover about a quarter of New Hampshire and are the most rugged in all New England. Mount Washington is glorious and stands at 6,288 feet, making it the tallest peak in the northeast. One of the loveliest drives in the state is referred to as the Kanc. The 37-mile ride is famous for beautiful covered bridges and mountain-like adventures such as the Bretton Woods Canopy zip line tour. Of course, no trip to the Granite State is complete without a trip to Francona State Park. Getting a birds-eye view of the foliage from the tram is a must, and we recommend taking a hike at the Flume Gorge which allows you to enjoy a beautiful stroll through covered bridges.

Jacob’s Ladder Scenic Byway, Massachusetts

Massachusetts is bursting with color, and the Berkshires are renowned featuring the most gorgeous views in the state. The height of leaf-peeping is early in October where you can see the winding roads splashed with golds, reds, and deep scarlet while passing peaceful lakes and vast meadows set against the backdrop of mountain peaks. Jacob’s Ladder Byway is a 35-mile stretch and is a must for leaf peepers. We recommend taking a breathtaking three-state view from Bash-Bish Falls State Park.

Various, Michigan

The further north you go in Michigan, the more impressive the autumn scenery becomes. Heading to the Upper Peninsula allows you to explore 384 miles of 4,300 inland lakes and 1,700 miles of shoreline on three Great Lakes. A lot of this area is a forest, meaning that the reds, oranges, golds, and greens sing. With stunning hues blanketing the hills, the winding two-lane roads turn into colorful tunnels with some of the best views found in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. Bond Falls is located in this park, and it’s one of the most jaw-dropping features in the country.

Hocking Hills Scenic Byway, Ohio

As suggested by East Hills Jeep (Greenvale NY), Hocking Hills Scenic Byway offers some of the most breathtaking sights in Ohio. Located in Hocking State Forest this 26.4-mile byway follows State Route 374 deep into these historic hills, passing six non-contiguous sites along the way. Discover dark and mysterious caves along with ancient remains to go along with the spectacular autumn foliage. The region is dominated by a remarkable rainbow of beautiful fall colors so you might want to get a better vantage point via a zip line, hot air balloon, or canoe.

No matter where you travel in this great country you are sure to see something spectacular. And while most people tend to take a vacation in summer, perhaps save a week for the beginning of October so you can see the beauty of the fall foliage! So take your family, grab your apple cider and go out and see the good ole’ US of A.


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