False Teething Symptoms: 7 Symptoms Teething Doesn’t Cause

FindItMore | Teething happens to be one of the most common conditions that happens to every baby under the sun, yet it is mostly misunderstood. The teething kid becomes restless, wakeful and refuses to take optimum nutrition. During this phase, the alimentary canal gets more active followed by diarrhea.

Relief must be provided to the babies at this stage. Otherwise things can get further complicated and the baby may feel nauseated and start vomiting that can even lead to convulsions and paralysis in the child.

However, there are immense progresses that the modern medicine has made till date and there is a lot more about teething that we know today.

Symptoms of Teething

Here are some of the most significant symptoms of teething.

  • Sleep Disturbance
  • Mild Increase in Temperature
  • Rash in the Face
  • Salivation and Drool
  • Runny Nose
  • Irritability

Still, there are some signs that are misunderstood as teething symptoms.

Here are some of the false teething symptoms that you should be aware of. Just read on.

  • False Teething Symptom 1 – Too Early to Cut Teeth – The average age of the bottom middle teeth to emerge is 4-6 months. But some kids can have it after or before. Some kids are born with teeth that are known as natal teeth. You don’t need to do anything if the teeth are stable in the mouth. Extra care can be taken with the breast-feeding moms to ensure that the latch is not painful especially during the early days of feeding. If your kid has wiggly teeth, the pediatrician can recommend it to be pulled out. Teeth can however, come out at any time after the birth. But, in that case the teething symptoms that are likely in the couple of months before the tooth appears, may not happen at all.
  • False Teething Symptom 2 – Rashes that Do Not Occur on the Face – A bit of facial rash along with chafing and coughing can occur in babies when the teeth are imminent. But the rashes on the other parts of the body is not a symptom of teething.
  • False Teething Symptom 3 – Teething Causes Fever – Dentists suggest that teething does not give rise to high fever or diarrhea for that matter. Babies have the tendency to put anything and everything in their mouth in order to massage the gums. As a result, they may pick up bacteria. Though fever is mentioned in the symptoms of teething there happens to be slight alteration in the body temperature. Even on the day that the tooth comes out, this symptom can be present. So high fever is not a symptom of teething. Added to that, drooling, sleep disturbances and runny noses do not signify teething all the time. They can occur for other reasons, too.
  • False Teething Symptom 4 – Too Old to Not Have Teeth –The kid not having any tooth up till one-year age is okay although mums usually make a big deal out of it. The dentists suggest that some babies can be late to have their pearly whites. But that does not mean any problem is lurking in their mouth. A little amount of delay is no harm and it has nothing to do with the teething.
  • False Teething Symptom 5 – Gums Need to be Cut to Let Teeth Out – As said earlier, parents of kids who may take some time to get their first pearly white push through may start to get panicky. If the baby starts to feel uncomfortable, this becomes particularly true. This can lead them to look for solutions that are most dangerous like cutting the gums to let the tooth escape. Only in very unusual situations these should be practiced and hence this misconception should be done away with before it is too late.
  • False Teething Symptom 6 – Teething Causes Loss of Appetite – The interest of an infant in eating and their consistency of their stools can vary from one day to another. But these symptoms of appetite loss should not be contributed to teething. If your kid is not eating well for more than a day or two you should contact your dentist immediately so that they can see if anything has to be done. This can be something less serious than you are thinking and your dentist will be able to guide you in the right way regarding this.
  • False Teething Symptom 7 – Timing of the First Tooth Signifies Advanced or Delayed Cognitive Development – Parents often have grave misunderstanding of the complicated developmental milestones of the kid. The milestones that denote a fixed point on a path happen to be a misnomer and kids develop at rates that are wildly different. This makes linking any cognitive advancement to any milestone a troublesome affair that only induces parental stress. The timing of the first tooth signifying advanced or delayed cognitive development in kids, similarly, is something that is a completely false belief and has no scientific basis to it. However, dentists suggest that infant girls can erupt tooth faster and earlier than the boys.

The above are some of the false teething symptoms that brought forth by the most reputed dentists. In order to steer clear of them and take good care of your baby’s oral health, you should type in “dentist near my location” in your browser and take your child for a dental check-up right from the time they are 1 year old or the time of emergence of their first tooth. This way you can ensure that your kid will be able to flaunt a beautiful smile for years together.


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