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How to Flawlessly Decorate Living Room – 11 Tips

FindItMore | We all are impressed by a meticulously decorated living room. We wish it could have been our  living room that looked that way. Most of us will try to take inspiration from those living rooms and replicate them in our own homes.

But many of us find out soon enough that replicating the impressive decorations in our own living rooms is quite a challenge.

Getting the perfect living room may not be that hard to achieve. Keeping a few simple decorating tips in mind can easily help you to achieve the living room of your dreams.

Read on below to find out how you can decorate your perfect living room in a simple and easy manner.

1. Throw in Some Color

Most of you may want to play it safe and take the minimalist approach while choosing the color of the room. This, however, runs the risk of making the room look bland, boring and sterile.

This can be easily solved by throwing in colorful pillows and adding bright art to the walls. This will make the room a lot livelier, despite your keeping the walls in an even tone. Pops of color will give your room more personality.

2. Mix Up the Decor Styling

Gone are the days of the ‘Price is Right’ and getting an all matching set for your living room. The all matching look seems very dated and boring nowadays. The more contemporary look is to mix it up eclectically.

You can choose furniture and settings from various texture, size and periods to decorate your living room. Just make sure to get the proportions right and the elements, such as color, should be unified.

3. Get the Lighting Right

This is one area where you can get your creative juices flowing. Don’t go for overhead lighting only. After all, this isn’t a dressing room. Instead explore a wide array of lamps, both the table and floor types.

You can also experiment with dimmers. The idea is to get lights from different sources, installed at different heights of the room and set at varying brightness.

This will ensure your living room has a flattering warm glow.

4. Don’t Stack Furniture Up Against the Walls

In an effort to make your living room look larger, you might be arranging all your furniture against the wall. But this might create an overly formal vibe.

To make for a cozier ambiance, move your furniture together towards the middle of the room. This will make for warmer ambiances making the guests feel more welcome and snug.

5. Get End Tables

End tables are great when it comes to balancing glass decorations. They make up a great spot to show off your beautiful family photos and stunning showpieces as well.

They also give your living room a complete look by complimenting the sofa set. So it’s a good idea to get end tables for your living room.

6. Hang your Art Properly

You might think that hanging your artwork high up, mere centimeters from the ceiling will give your room an extra heightened look. While in reality, all it does is strain peoples necks trying to get a good view.

It’s best to hang art on eye level. The center of the art should be about 60 inches from the floor. This will make for a relaxed viewing experience while setting the mood of the room just right.

7. Get Proper Sized Rugs

We all know getting a good rug can easily put a big dent in your wallet. But it is important to get the proportions correct; otherwise, the whole decor of the room can be a big mess.

The general idea is to have the living room rug touch the front legs of all the furniture that is nearby. You can go for bigger rugs, but make sure not to go any smaller.

If you have pets, make sure vacuum your rug or carpet regularly. Otherwise stay pet hairs will ruin your décor.

8. Get Rid of Useless Furniture

There are plenty of furniture pieces which might have seemed like a great idea at one time, like a writing desk for instance. But think about it, are you really going to use the desk?

So, get rid of furniture you don’t have any productive use for. It’s ok to have an office area in the living room, so get pieces that you can put to use and design the nearby areas accordingly. Select furniture pieces that suit your lifestyle and needs.

9. Get Bright Airy Artwork

It’s a big no-no to get dark artwork for your living room. So what if your living room does not have a great park view. The idea is to mimic a nice big view by getting large and brightly painted artwork of a skyline or beautiful landscapes.

Guests will be too busy praising the artwork to realize that there is no actual physical view.

10. Mirrors to the Rescue

There’s no better way to make your room look larger and brighter than installing mirrors. They replicate the large and airy feel of the room with the reflections.

But be careful to not get tacky floor-to-ceiling mirrors. It’s far less imposing to get a horizontal mirror above the mantle or couch. This will give your room an airy and elegant feel.

11. Get the Right Sofa

It’s undeniable that the sofa set can break or make the look of your living room. So this calls for some serious research before you purchase. You must get the right sized sofa that goes with the layout and size of your living room.

Too big a size will make your room seem cluttered and too small will leave it looking empty.

Pay special attention to the sofa seat height, as it’s difficult to get in and out of a low seat. Above all, you must ensure that the quality of the fabric makes your guests feel comfortable.

Hence, it’s important to not make an impulse purchase when it comes to sofas, rather choose carefully to avoid an expensive mistake.


Designing your living room may very well be one of your prized projects. So it’s important that you get it right.

Following the tips above can ensure that your painstaking work does not go in vain and you have successfully decorated a living room worthy of envy.


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