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Get French Style Living with French Oak Flooring

FindItMore | French styled houses have a vintage old-world appeal and are a favorite with home owners even today. Their shabby yet chic decor attract homeowners and architectures alike. There are many designer stores and art houses which have been started to offer rustic iron furniture and old-world styled antique furniture and there is absolutely no doubt that they are doing well at catering to this new-found French furniture taste. The French look is popular right from the 80s and even today has not lost its appeal. It helps give your home the unique rustic country look that catches the fancy of many. Modern homes aim to replicate the French finish and style by adding French oak flooring as it enhances the beauty and elegance of such residences.

What is French Oak Flooring?

French oak flooring is a style of flooring created with oak wood from France. Interior designers and architects seek this wood flooring style as it is highly desired among st customers. The reputation of oak floored French styled home is high in the market. This is one main reason why it is used extensively in many parts of the world. Oak is widely known as a slow-growing tree. s. The usual height of oak trees exceeds 20 meters, and this gives it the required strength to be a preferred choice for long-lasting as well as stylish furniture. You can explore from a wide variety of oak tree species to choose your wood. In terms of colors too, oak has endless varieties.

Create French Style Houses with French Oak Flooring

  1. Manufacturing Process – Just the procurement of quality raw materials is important, so is the need for a high-quality manufacturing process for French oak flooring.  Not many manufacturers in the world appreciate the goodness of French oaks. They are required to be harvested for manufacturers to manufacture and supply them to markets for use.  While oak wood is one of the superior in color and quality, the styling, carpentry and sheen of the final product made by the manufacturer is important in determining its sale ability.
  2. Colors unique to French styling – French styling is all about natural tones. You can get French oak flooring done in natural and beautiful colors. Right from natural light hues to neutral grey, dark browns, cherry and even dull white, oak wood offers an exciting palette of colors that can be blended/contoured to create bespoke designer furniture. Both the choices of light as well as dark-colored woods can be used across furniture pieces to give your home the French unique style. This classic style of architecture development can never lose its worth and appeal.
  3. Strength and beauty go hand in hand– Oak trees belong to the genus Querulous and this is native to the planet’s northern hemisphere. You can choose from Red oak and White oak and from another 400 different strong and beautiful pieces. Red oak gives a grainy texture and is dark in its hue s in comparison to white oak. You can use red oak for French oak flooring and give your home an exciting splash of class and color. All of this while maintaining the pure strength and durability by using a wood variant like oak. French oak flooring, furniture and artifacts can stand the test of time and are classic pieces that never go out of fashion.
  4. Distinct qualities of French oak flooring – The tanning content is high in oak. Hence French oak flooring is responsive to aging, stain and fuming. Their grain structure is tighter which makes it a dense and durable choice for creating flooring. This raw material is highly stable and hence even in summer countries like Australia this is used on a large scale.

So if you are an admirer of French style then opting for French oak flooring can certainly match your taste. Not only will you thoroughly enjoy the aesthetic appeal of your home, it will also catch the fancy of your guests and neighbors. New trends will come and go but oak based flooring will always be a timeless classic.

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