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FindItMore | The much-touted aphorism that the ‘brain is the site where most of our battles take place’ certainly holds true when considered in the light of empirical inquiries conducted on weary individuals who happen to constitute the very fabric of all modern social arrangements. For gaining a slice of the proverbial ‘pie’ of endemically scarce resources, humans today are forced to exert their mental faculties like never before in their species’ turbulent history (in order to offset their competition; for which brain health solutions like Ginkgo Biloba and DHA, and others that can be researched through a Frontier Internet Packages plan, come in especially handy).

On ‘Coming to Grips’ with Modernity – using Natural Solutions

Gone are the ‘good old’ colonial days of consolidating imperial – territorial – conquests through horseback and military prowess alone (though some exceptions to this generalized observation can certainly be traced in the global sociopolitical events that proceeded that fateful day on the 11th of September, 2001), for in this day-and-age it is mostly economic concerns (spurned-on by their impulsive herald termed ‘globalization’) that seem to determine the motivations of all geopolitical discourse – culminating in the widely-discernible phenomenon referred to as the neoimperialist ‘One-World trap’ by certain post-War social theorists.

The advent of the internet age has also contributed its fair share to this trend; with the said globally-connective virtual tool having aided the fierce currents of free market capitalism in breaking down national protectionist barriers and imposing unfair trade terms on developing countries largely in tune with the profiteering objectives of global conglomerates and MNCs.

Today, it comes as no surprise to note that the annual revenues (and adjusted profits) of companies like Walmart, Microsoft and Apple far exceed the total GDPs of most developing economies. For the individual faced with this constant global strife (even if he/she may not be cognizant of it on a personal level), the state of ‘resting on one’s laurels’ can no longer be considered as an exerciser option.

Therefore, any investments made in the line of acquiring some manner of holistic support (through nutritional health solutions, pharmaceutical agents and/or physical therapy regimens) could practicably translate into achieving a competitive edge over one’s economic adversary.

Enter Ginkgo Biloba – the Brain Health Substance bar none

When we consider the diverse assortment of brain/mind boosting nutritional supplements sold in health stores today, perhaps no other (natural) ingestible option compares in its efficacy with Ginkgo Biloba, the ancient Chinese medicinal plant extract that has long been used in many different cultures to alleviate an entire range of neurological and psychological health conditions.

Since natural substances like Ginkgo cannot be universally patented, many modern pharmaceutical companies have launched products that feature medicinal concoctions chemically compounded with the said extract. Major American health brands offer high-grade and standardized, over-the-counter preparations of Ginkgo through their sprawling network of online and physical retail outlets – to be used by clinically-disordered patients in conjunction with their existing pharmaceutical drug schedules.

Although the long-term use of Ginkgo supplements is generally considered a ‘safe bet’ by most nutritional authorities (based on the findings of many intensely-documented epidemiological studies conducted on population groups dosed with the extract in high volumes), there have been a few cases of unusual bleeding reported by some test subjects.

Therefore, it is very important for patients taking anti-clotting (blood thinning) medications to consult their G.Ps before starting with Ginkgo therapy.

The many benefits of a Ginkgo Therapy Regimen

Whether it’s used for the purposes of instantaneous stress and anxiety relief, sharpening memory, clearing brain fog & confusion, warding-off depression, improving the prospects of one’s beleaguered libido, or even attaining some anti-inflammatory (analgesic) respite from hemorrhoids-associated lower-bottom pain – Ginkgo proves to be an effective, safe and affordable biological counter-agent for alleviating all of your concerns related to these (and many other) disturbing ailments.

Derived from the leaves of the Chinese Maidenhair tree, Ginkgo preparations have been widely studied in both clinical and research trials for their blood platelet-enhancing, as well as potent antioxidant, effects on the human body. Due to its significant antioxidant potential (owing to its inherent preponderance of terpenoid and flavonoid compounds), this maidenhair plant extract is also recommended by many naturopaths to their fatigued patients for its powerful energy (ATP-yield) promoting properties.

Protecting Oneself against Free Radical Damage

Since all antioxidants are credited with fighting against bodily inflammation – a diseased condition accrued through free-radical damage from the environment and the organism’s own metabolic processes – Ginkgo health supplements can also be used as natural protective agents for safeguarding the organelle-machinery inherent to every cell (whose proper functioning is vital for survival).

For women undergoing the physical, psychological and emotional ravages imposed upon their persons by the popularly feared Premenstrual Syndrome, adequate dosages of Ginkgo supplements, combined with complementary tonics like Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin E, can evoke a strong synergistic effect within the body to counteract some of the condition’s more physically encumbering symptoms.

Middle-aged women who regularly consume Ginkgo-contained nutritional preparations report with increased stamina and energy profiles – which collectively allow them to pursue their professional and personal obligations with renewed vigor and confidence.

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