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Great Tips For Building Your Instagram Presence

FindItMore | Although it is a photo application, Instagram is also a popular social network that is growing faster than most of the social media sites out there. If you have recently opened your account, you are probably wondering how to draw attention to yourself. Here are some tips to get you started:

Link to your Instagram profile

If you own a website or have a blog, ensure that you add a link to your Instagram profile. You could also let your visitors know that you are on Instagram using a short article that you could post on your website or blog.

Invite followers from other networks

Inviting your friends and followers from other social networks will definitely increase your Instagram following significantly since these are people who are very likely to follow you.
Invite users with similar interests

Instagram allows you to find new friends by suggesting users with interests similar to yours. By following these people, you increase your chances of having them follow you as well.

Invite those in your mailing list

Take advantage of your mailing list by sending an email announcement that you are on Instagram. Remember that people are often curious about what you are up to if they know you.

Use external programs

There are various programs on the internet that allow you to enter your Instagram information for more exposure. Many of these programs are free and signing up only takes a few minutes, so ensure that you sign up for as many of them as you can.

Geotag when appropriate

Every location has a page on Instagram. If you are interested in promoting your local business, geo-tagging would increase your visibility in that particular area.

Share photos on other networks

Do not limit yourself to Instagram Share. In order to increase your following, take advantage of your blog and the social networks that you are in by sharing your photos there as well.

Carefully select the photos you share

Spamming pictures will destroy your reputation and could actually cause you to lose followers. In addition, it is important to share only a few good pictures at a time since followers will quickly get tired if you constantly post numerous pictures, however good they are.

Use hashtags

Once you have selected your best photos, using hashtags could increase the number of views it gets. While picking the most popular hashtags is helpful, ensure that they are relevant and that your photos will actually stand out. However, it is not advisable to use the same hashtags multiple times as this could look like spamming.

Provide picture descriptions

Your followers will appreciate the effort you put into describing the activities taking place in each photo. Including text to your posts will also increase your chances of getting attention through search engines.

Interact with other users

Commenting on other people’s photos as well as responding to comments on yours increases your activity level, which in turn makes you more likely to increase your followers. In addition, commenting on photos of a few popular users or celebrities is also advisable. However, ensure that your comments are real and genuine so you are not marked as spam. Liking other people’s photos also means that they will probably like yours, but this should also be done in moderation.

Update your account

As your Instagram presence increases, it is important to go through the list of people you are following and weed out those you are not really interested in. This will enhance your own Instagram experience while ensuring that you are only interacting with users who benefit you.

Make use of Instagram analytics

There are programs that you can use to obtain detailed information about your account such as the number of times a photo has been viewed as well as the most popular photos. This helps you to know what works in your favor and what doesn’t so you can capitalize on the most popular photos or categories.

Be creative

Your comments will definitely stand out if you inject some humor into them. People like a good laugh, so this is a good way to keep them coming back for more.

While these tips will definitely increase your popularity, do not expect instant results. Your Instagram popularity will grow with time and your experiences will also teach you new ways of enhancing your online presence.

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