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Home Security Improvements You Didn’t Think You Need

FindItMore | The home is where you and your family can feel the safest. It’s your home, after all, your own piece of heaven. Every now and then, you are inspired to take on one renovation after another in hopes to make the home even more charming and heavenly.

But aren’t you forgetting something? How about the aspect of security? Sure, you always lock the doors and you might even have an alarm system, and of course you taught your children not to talk to strangers, but have you even considered home security improvements?

According to statistics, only 17% of American homes have a security system installed, which an awfully low number is given the rate of burglary in communities and how easily criminals get away with it. But here’s the thing, even if you already have a security system, there are still many ways to upgrade and maximize them.

Find out what homeowners are missing out with their home security and what to do about it.

Make it smart

Your phone is smart, so why can’t your home be? A study by alarm.com showed that 65% of parents are interested in owning smart home technology. Ninety-three percent (93%) of homeowners also say that staying comfortable is as important as saving energy, which are two birds that smart home technologies actually hit: comfort and energy-efficiency.

While there’s still a lot of confusion as to a smart home, from the products to how it actually works, more and more people are now starting to ask questions and have shown interest in the technology. Some of the smart products that homeowners must consider include Wi-Fi thermostats, access controls, smart lighting, sensors, and other appliances and gadgets.

Not to worry because there are professional service providers that can help you set up a smart home and also help you manage it. These include making standalone devices to work together for a safer and smarter home.

Digital doors and windows

Burglars want it easy, and common points of entry such as doors and windows are almost always their first choice. This means homeowners have to invest in must-have home security items to reinforce entry ways.

Front door security starts with the locks. Apart from changing them and reinforcing them with deadbolts, it is also good to consider going for smart locks. These are locks that are designed to work with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or a voice assistant. One of the reasons why you need smart locks is the convenience because you can control them remotely when connected to a Wi-Fi network. It also streamlines guest access and just allows specific users to enter your home. No need for copies and hiding spare keys.

You may also consider fingerprint door locks or locks that recognize face ID for keyless entry. There are also smart doorbells that offer video recording of the person outside. Of course, a good home security system with surveillance cameras, loud alarms, and can detect motion or temperature is a no-brainer.

Homeowners must also reinforce their windows by adding window locks, security screen or even grills. Glass should be tempered and alarms that sound if it shattered must also be considered in upgrading window security.

Hire a professional

At a time of DIY and online tutorials, who needs a pro? Your home does. A professional alarm monitoring service guarantees a 24/7 protection and gives you priceless peace of mind. Sure, you can set up your alarm on your own, but can you keep an eye on your home and your family round the clock?

If you decide to get alarm monitoring, it is like you are getting yourself an additional panic button. They can send a distress signal to responders and authorities even if the alarm is not activated. Professional monitoring will immediately call you to check if the threat is real and then dispatch police, firefighters or an ambulance. If you are away on vacation or holiday, and the alarm goes off, count on the pros to protect your home for you. The best thing about upgrading your existing alarm system with professional monitoring service is that you have little work to do and little to worry about.

Back to basics

While all this technology and automation is great, it also does not hurt to go back to the basics. These are the easiest, cheapest, and most practical ways to achieve security home improvements.

A decal decoy saying you have an alarm system at home is an easy way to deter burglars or at least make them think twice. Trimming the shrubs to eliminate hiding spots and emptying your mailbox to show someone’s home are good anti-burglar tricks, too. It is also important to light your exterior because burglars like working in the dark. Lights that can detect motion or those that come with timers are exceptionally good. Finally, the good old tip of getting to know your neighbors, and potentially make them close friends, will also help. When you’re away, at least you’ll have people watching over your property.

Improving the security of your home is one of the most important upgrades you will ever make. They may not be aesthetically game-changing, but they will give you something that no paint, furniture or decorative piece could – your family’s safety and everyone’s peace of mind.


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