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How Can Doctors Adopt the Latest Health Care Technology?

FindItMore | The world of technology is progressing at a faster rate in this era than any other past eras. Technology is being applied in almost every aspect of life. Scientists now have more knowledge than ever and this is very important step for humankind in trying to solve daily problems.

The world of medicine should not be left behind when it comes to embracing technology for daily purposes. Although technology has proved to have many drawbacks, the world of medicine and pharmaceuticals stands to benefit in many ways. The use of health care technology can help health professional to have more accurate results and to have easier diagnosis of results. Technology can also lead to invention of smart machines that will make treatment of diseases such as cancer easier.

The following are ways in which doctors can use the latest health care technology to help them delivery health services better.

  1. Use Of Nano-therapy To Treat Cancer

Researchers at Bar-Illan University, Israel have invented a remarkable technology. This technology involves the use of nanomaterials in the process of killing cancerous cells. These nanomaterial’s have the ability to single out cancer cells from normal cells hence administering treatment without killing normal cells. Doctors should use this technology in the fight against cancer. This will pave way for an effective fight against cancer that has always been a losing battle for humankind.

  1. Use Of Virtual Reality For Students

Practical lessons in the field of medicine are tough to learn due to lack of actual specimen to work on. Virtual reality is however coming to such students’ rescue. Virtual reality has been around for some time now but its adoption in the field of medicine is just starting. By use of a body simulation, students will find it easy to practice their skill.

  1. Adopt Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunications to diagnose and treat patients. Telecommunications is a very helpful technology, which does not seem to go anywhere in the near future. The internet is an advanced form of telecommunications. Doctors should go ahead and use this vibrant technology to serve patients better. Websites now are offering healthcare information to patients. A good example a good website for healthcare is xpertdox. Xpertdox helps you to find doctors easily from your laptop instead of hassling between hospitals for one.

  1. Prosthetic Limbs

Prosthetic limbs are not a new technology but there is a very new and helpful technology, which doctors should embrace when treating amputees. In the course of last year, researchers improved prosthetics to enable it to be controlled by the human brain. This means that prosthetics will offer more functionality to amputees since they will be able to control it easily.

  1. Cell Free DNA Testing

Over the past, doctors have tested for chromosomal defects in unborn babies by removing some fetal cells. These tests have come with its implications since the acquisition of the fetal cells is invasive to the unborn fetus. The tests also cause stress to the pregnant mother and increases the risk of a miscarriage. A new discovery has been made whereby these tests can be done by acquiring the mother’s blood, which is a lot easier and does not pose any risks to the mother and fetus. Doctors should use this discovery to ensure that tests for chromosomal defects should not be a hassle.

  1. Robotic Surgery

Robots are now being developed and adopted in various workforces. The medical field should not be left behind either. Robots are now being developed and used to perform surgeries. Using robotic surgery, surgeons can now perform risky and delicate surgeries with precision and greater success. Doctors should now adopt the use of robots in surgery to make surgeries safe and have a high success rate.

  1. Three-Dimensional Printed Body Parts

3D printing is one of the most amazing technologies that have been created in this millennium. The medicine field is set to benefit from 3D printing in a very important way. Research is still undergoing on how this technology can be used in replacements of body parts. This will pave a way for more successful body replacement procedures and therefore cheaper. Let us hold our horses and see how progression of this technology occurs.

  1. Wireless Brain Sensors

Researchers have developed wireless brain censors in the form of bioresorbable electronics that can be placed in the brain and record stimuli and electronic processes. These sensors dissolve when they are not need and they will provide a more efficient way of tracking neuro-activity in the brain. The sensors will also help doctors to measure temperature and pressure within the brain.


Doctors should be on the look for new and improving technologies and adopt them in treatment of patients and they will save many resources and avoid loss of many lives.


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