How Fast it Really is Wi-Fi 6?

FindItMore | Today Wi-Fi is the most commonly used technology that backs roughly about 80% of new technology, which is developed or being developed. Wi-Fi is a wireless network technology that is used for local area networking of devices and internet access, and almost every house has a Wi-Fi router that connects all the devices in the home to the internet.

The speed of Wi-Fi is pretty good, but you must have noticed that when more and more devices get connected to the same Wi-Fi router, the speed decreases drastically and frustrates people who are using that Wi-Fi connection. The solution to this problem might be just a little bit years away, or maybe less than that, and the name of the solution is Wi-Fi 6.

Wi-Fi 6 is one step further in Wi-Fi technology, which might revolutionise the way we use the internet and its applications. Wi-Fi 6 is a kind of technology that could connect machines, objects, and even people virtually to the internet at a much larger extent.

Wi-Fi 6 has been designed with a larger capacity so that it can enable next-generation user experiences, and deliver new services. In the future, Wi-Fi 6 will definitely expand the mobile ecosystem into a new and unique kingdom. It will surely make its impact, especially in every industry, healthcare, agriculture, and transportation.

Wi-Fi 6 will transform our life by providing us with faster downloading speeds and more capacity and connectivity for a lot of different devices, especially in the field of Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, etc. With the help of Wi-Fi 6, we can easily access new, improved, and unique experiences in terms of gaming, shopping, videos, and many more.

While Wi-Fi 6 has some overlapping features, enterprises can get a better understanding of this technology by comparing their pros and cons.


Wi-Fi 6 will put 90% of the population on the internet. Downloading large files could be done in a matter of seconds, which would otherwise take much more time.

The world would finally be able to experience the untapped potential of AR and VR with the help of Wi-Fi 6, which would provide faster speed and connectivity. The education industry will be revolutionized, where a majority of students will be learning from home. There would no longer be a need for an individual to go to an institution that is situated far away and didn’t fulfil the need to get information about events happening in any place in any country in real-time, which couldn’t be accessible otherwise.

Video conferencing or podcasting would be much easier and faster, with no disturbance and lack of connectivity due to the internet. People won’t have to travel large distances to regions and countries to attend meetings which now could be done virtually due to the Wi-Fi 6. Providing Medical help to people living in remote places and at remote distances would be much easier.

Machines can easily do small scale operations and treatments due to advancements in connectivity and information receiving capability, which could practically save countless lives and save millions and billions of monetary value. Wi-Fi 6 involves integration with enterprise management tools, especially for security, visibility, and analytics. 801.11ax brings faster speed and more deterministic RF management.


Now there are many benefits of Wi-Fi 6 technology, but it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows with great speed and connectivity at hand. There will be a huge increase in hacking where people would have to deal with risking their privacy. With apps like Instagram and Facebook where accounts of many people are already getting hacked and then blackmailed due to the sensitive content people have on their accounts, cases like this will get skyrocketed if not taken proper measures and precautions.

In not the distant future we will have cars and aeroplanes which will be fully connected to the internet. If technology like this gets into the wrong hands, it will be catastrophic for humanity where a person sitting in his pyjamas could press a key, and the next moment an aeroplane could crash into a building or maybe a stadium. Terrorist activities could increase, which would include crashing servers, stealing information, and even hacking satellites.

Wi-Fi 6 technology can also be used in the wrong way by countries like China, which is famous for stealing technology from other countries and using that technology and information to develop military uses for its own purposes. Nations will fight a war against each other, not on the grounds but on cyber levels by crashing satellites, hacking servers, and shutting down entire network systems. The cellular network builds, whether public or private, can be cost-prohibitive in comparison to Wi-Fi.

Building private Wi-Fi 6 networks may require enterprises to invest in new set skills, driving up costs. Wi-Fi 6 technology could bring AI to reality, which would be more capable, smarter, stronger, and even more long-lasting than an average human. Compared to cellular, it is not as ideal for large, outdoor, and long-range use cases. It involves RF contention among Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Thread protocols, particularly in the 2.4GHz band. Actually, Wi-Fi 6 is primarily an access technology that requires backhaul. This new type of machinery with such capabilities and intelligence could turn on humans and could practically end human life on the planet, which none of us would want.

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