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How Much Does it Cost to Develop A Mobile App In 2020?

FindItMore | The mobile app market is repetitively booming and looking at the popularity among people for these mobile applications, it is very much expected that in the upcoming years, it will increase unexpectedly.

There are approx 2.7 billion smartphone users worldwide, and out of which 90% of them spend maximum time on one or the other mobile app.

The stats show that everyone loves the idea of mobile apps and companies are incorporating mobile app technology into their businesses that offer them immense convenience and ease to their tasks, without costing much. Needless to mention that due to this very fame of mobile apps, today, more and more businesses from different industry domains are keen on integrating mobile app technology.

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Therefore, they are constantly researching on how much does it cost to develop a mobile application. Be it sports, food, business, lifestyle, games, communication, travel agency, or any other business, companies in the present time are investing huge amounts in mobile application development.

Now many have assumptions that creating a mobile application is an expensive deal, but is that so? Well, to be honest, that’s a subjective question. Today, plenty of resources available in the market; thus, it is possible to carve an app with limited resources and set a budget and an illustrious app with a big investment, as per your business requirements.

So, here in this blog, we will be reviewing how much cost is required in the making of a mobile application.

# Business Model

Business & revenue generation plans are the very core to the journey of creating an app, and they have a major role to play behind the cost to build a mobile application. Few points to be considered in this aspect are:

# Mobile Application Platforms:

The selection of the mobile application platform also influences the cost of your mobile application development. There are majorly two giant platforms, namely iOS and Android, and both the platforms give cut-throat competition to each other.

But since both Android and iOS possess different technicalities, the cost of app development may vary based on technical implementation, device compatibility, market share, etc.

# Types of Applications:-

The cost of mobile app development also fluctuates on the factor in which you have to decide what type the app you require.  The different types of mobile apps are:

 1. Web Application:- 

The web apps are the websites in reality that are optimized for mobile users.

2. Native Application:-

The mobile apps which are developed for a specific OS such as Android and iOS, since the native apps works on a single platform, the costing of development may vary.

3. Hybrid Application:- 

The hybrid applications work on both platforms, Android, and iOS. These applications operate on a single programming language.

# Different Stages of Mobile App Development:-

Every mobile app has a life cycle. The stages of the development of a mobile define the cost of the development process. Each stage of mobile app development has its monetary requirements, and every stage requires a specific amount of money. Following are the major mobile app development stages:

  1. Pre-research stage
  2. Design stage
  3. Development stage
  4. Testing & Deployment stage
  5. Support & Maintenance

# How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App?

In today’s times, having a robust mobile app has become the new money-making move for businesses, and this is why many people out there are keen to find the actual cost to create an app.

However, to determine the cost of a mobile app is a tricky task. There are various factors involve in the making of mobile apps. The factors include a platform on which the app is being developed, app complexity, the experience of the development, and mobile functionalities, to name a few. Without further delay, let us understand all the variables that would affect the cost of your app development process.

If we consider all the mentioned aspects, we can see that it is not an easy task to come up with an exact cost to develop an application. The cost of the app development varies according to the choice of an individual. Until & Unless if you want to hire dedicated mobile app developers? Still, to give a rough idea, we can say that if you choose your application developed by an Indian mobile application development company, then you would cost you between $25000 to 35000 for a single platform, and $50000 for an app with the advanced features.

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