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How to Get the Most Out of LED Parking Lot Light Repair & Maintenance

FindItMore | If you were to separate the energy expenditure on your parking lot lighting you’d release that they add substantially to your operating cost when you run traditional HID lights. Lighting the parking lot especially during the winter with reduced daylight hours can be expensive. But the same energy bills also show you the scope of savings if you switch to energy efficient LED parking lot lights. The rate of LED adoption at commercial places, public places and other institution has risen over the last many years. It has coincided with improvement in LED technology and also falling prices of LED fixtures and other accessories.

There are few other industries at the moment that are benefiting as much from economies of scale as LED manufacturers. If you are to do a cost comparison you’d find that the prices are half or even lesser compared to what they were few years back. Government and green activists have also played their role in raising awareness about the benefits of LED technology. While the LED crusaders have their reasons to promote the use of LEDs as a business you’d definitely make your choice of pragmatically. You’d want something that helps you improve your bottom line. This is where apart from installation, the cost in repair and maintenance of LEDs would be concerning you. Let us take a look at some of the ways in which you will be able to get the best out of LED parking lot lights in terms of their repair and maintenance –

You’ll save doing nothing

Yes, it’s true even if you don’t care about repair and maintenance of your LED parking lot lights you will still save compared to what you currently incur with your existing HID lights. This isn’t to suggest that you overlook maintenance and repair as this will spoil the aesthetic look of your parking lots and at the same time make them unsafe. LED lights have a higher service life almost four times compared to HID lights and hence you won’t have to undertake as frequent maintenance and repair work as you are doing now. Secondly they are less susceptible to damage from the elements as HID lights. This means you experience reduced labor costs vis-à-vis replacement, repair and general maintenance of your parking lot lights.

Quality of LED lights

You’d be naive to think that all LED lights are the same. While you may have read that LED lights have service life of 50,000 hours or so this standard doesn’t apply to all LED parking lot lights that are available in the market. What you need to understand is that increasing demand for these lights have led to mushrooming of manufacturers around the world. In their bid to outdo competition some manufacturers are offering lights at jaw dropping prices. And as it happens with all other products, extremely lower costs can lead to higher rates of failure. If you are installing LED lights that come at jaw dropping prices you are sacrificing on their quality and thus you might not experience service life as expected and also incur costs on their repair and replacement

Retrofitting vs replacement

If you are upgrading to LED lights in your parking lot you have two options to choose from – retrofitting and replacement. The former is of course what most businesses prefer to choose as this can bring down the overall cost of upgrade. Here you’d be retrofitting energy-efficient LED lights to your existing light fixtures. Manufacturers are coming up with LED retrofit kits that can easily be installed on the existing poles and other fixtures. The second and the more expensive option is a clean install which as it may already sound is expensive.

So which one should you go for? If you set your eyes on reducing repair and maintenance cost lighting in the future you need to choose the latter. The reason is simple – your poles and other lighting fixtures that have served you for years have also been though substantial part of their service life. When you install a new technology on them, you may not need to worry about their maintenance as much but the old fixtures will start giving you trouble soon. And when that happens you are looking at increased labor cost in terms of repairing and replacing them. If your budget allows for clean installation of LED parking lot lights you need to opt for the same.

Planning an upgrade

Continuing with what we have discussed in the point above retrofitting not only increases the repair costs in the future but it also denies you the chance to create a more energy efficient parking lot. LED parking lot lights tend to offer more uniform lighting as compared to traditional HID lights which cover a smaller area. Hence you’d need more number of fixtures to light the same area with HIDs as compared to the LEDs. During a retrofitting project you are simply installing new lights in place of older lights while starting from scratch will allow you to light up the parking lot with lesser number of fixtures. Your experience would tell you that maintaining lesser number of fixtures would let you reduce the cost of repair and maintenance.

Hire a professional team

Last but not the least when you are undertaking a project of this scale you need to get in touch with a professional LED installation company. While there are several companies near you that offer these services you mustn’t fall for the bait of the cheapest quote. What separates a professional company from an average one is the kind of planning that goes into the project. From assessing your present and future needs to helping you choose the best LED products these companies can help you in many ways. As is the case with any planned project the cost of repair, replacement and maintenance also tends to come down in the future.

Keep these things in mind while installing your LED parking lot lights and you’d be able to save substantially on their maintenance and repair costs in the future.

Summary: In this write-up look at some of the ways in which you can get best out of LED lights in terms of repair and maintenance costs.


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