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How To Get Programmers To Join Your Project

FindItMore | Getting programmers to join a project is by no means an easy feat. A great business idea is just the beginning but if you don’t have that knowledge in programming then the idea won’t materialize.

You will need to recruit a programmer, who can not only design but also write and test online and mobile codes. They will share your passion and help bring your vision to life. You may have an initial idea that might see you need to hire a consultant or maybe outsource the duties that you cannot do; however you may look to bring in a software developer as a partner.

As mentioned previously, it is not easy to hire a software developer as the demand for them and the profession in general is in great demand with massive companies worldwide always on the lookout for web and mobile application developers.

Not only is it the name of the company that can attract the programmer away from smaller start-ups but the financial benefits is also massive. A wage for a software engineer in the US can range from $53,000 to a staggering $140,000 a year.

This has seen start-ups look abroad to find the best priced talent, but this finds new problems with the biggest being the time difference and language barriers. There is also an argument that these programmers can disappear in the middle of a project, or right afterwards, which leaves no safety net or ongoing support.

Massive arrays of start-ups have reacted to this by offering new things, the main of which is by offering programmers the opportunity to be co-founders or partners. This way, they would have an equity stake and the freedom to shape the technical and creative direction of the start-up.

Here are a few tips on how to recruit a top-class programmer.

Networking Is Vital

Unless you happen to know an array of programmers already then you will have to meet some, you can start by searching professional networking websites and apps such as LinkedIn, or by asking around in the field that you are in.

“Everybody would be able to find a programmer by simply asking around. You can always search LinkedIn events for upcoming conferences, such as an event for iPhone developers. Here you can use a tried and tested technique such as conducting two minute interviews with as many programmers as would like to be involved in your project,” says James K. Miller, an HR from Legit Essay Writing Service.  This would give you a good view of how they could work with your project and also whether they had the necessary knowledge that you would need to compliment your start-up.

Look Further Than Just Online

With the advantages that LinkedIn brings it’s almost easy to forget that it is easier to connect with people face to face, so why not get down to a local conference or meet-up.

The simple reality is that getting a programmer to commit to your project isn’t going to be easy but you need to insure that the fundamentals are correct, this is critical. Having clear guidelines on how to participate, easy tasks to get started with and a welcome feedback loop will foster the contributions that you do get, and will ensure that you get a consistent and sustainable list of contributors.

Ask For Samples

Once you have finally met an engineer’s that you may want to build a working relationship with, the next step is to judge whether his/her assets are a perfect fit for the project that you are starting. The simplest way to do this is to ask them to write a program from scratch.

This will give you a sense of their speed, accuracy, attention to detail, creativity and perhaps most importantly, how well you work together.

It is also important to remember that a simple interview isn’t the right way to proceed; this is because you cannot simply ask questions because you probably wouldn’t know the right answer anyway. Most high-profile companies ask a group of engineers to develop a mobile app or a draft website for their start up to see who could grasp and understand what the company was trying to achieve. In addition to this, you can contact assistance from somebody from within the technology industry as they would have better knowledge on whether the engineer’s idea of the app would work once it is live.

We hope that these simple tips will help you find a great programmer and will assist you to provide that your start-up can reach the highest levels possible.


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