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How To Maintain Hair At The Time Of Traveling

FindItMore | Worried about taking care of the tresses while traveling? Is it that you are to take on a vacation in some days that has left you all confused as which hair care products to include in your travel kit? Are you worried about the damage that your hair might undergo? Well, do away with these hair woes for if there is hair damage then there are even natural products to combat it in an effective manner. It is best to go all natural with hair care products like say a Derma care shampoo or an ayurvedic hair color for the matter. Do away with related worries about those lustrous tresses, for we are here to provide you with a comprehensive guide to hair care during those fun filled days of travel.

Add a funky touch of colors with the ayurvedic hair color to those lovely hairs and glam up your look for the upcoming travel. This excellent hair color makes for a no chemical hair color that is PPD free hair color that contains no Ammonia, no Hydrogen Peroxide, no heavy Metal, no Alcohol, no Resorcinol, no Barlum and no Added Synthetic additives for the matter. The ayurvedic hair color that Indus Valley features under its banner is made up of certified herbs, plant extracts and other essential oils that are known to work wonders in terms of hair care. These herbs are essentially good for the hair and scalp as owing to their medicinal value they provide for an all round nourishment to the hair and the scalp. The completely organic hair color functions as a permanent hair color that stays for a good span like three to five weeks.

As for the Derma care shampoo that is a must have during travel isn’t without reasons that we tell you it makes for a travel essential to be precise. The variety of Natural Shampoo are free from any kind of harsh chemicals, detergents, SLES, SLS, Parabens and any kind of synthetic additives for the matter that might cause damage to the scalp and the hairs.The shampoos make for completely Organic ones that are especially formulated with natural ingredients that are known to work wonders for the hairs.The host of Derma care shampoo are essentially made with herbal components that talk of natural care. Indus Valley takes special care to use good quality ECO-Cert and USSD certified natural ingredients as per their policy to get you the best results in this respective context.

Here are the tips to remember during your travel that ensures healthy, shiny and super gorgeous hairs during travel:

  • Plan ahead of your travel schedule, depending on which pack your travel essentials like hair oils, shampoos, hair colors etc.
  • Comb your hairs as many times as possible for this helps the hairs from getting entangled which leads to hair loss for the matter. Combing your hairs many times per day is known to reduce hair fall to be precise.
  • If you are going on a work trip then you can opt for beneficial oils like Argan oil that can be used as a leave in serum and is known to add instant shine to the locks.
  • Be careful of swimming in pools and make sure that you take the necessary protection in the said respect.
  • In case of traveling to humid or hot destinations, the regular use of the Derma care shampoo can help combat hair damage.
  • During those beach holidays, make sure you oil or moisturize your hairs to ensure proper safety of the hairs.
  • Never use the free hair care products during travel.
  • Add colors to the hairs for the ayurvedic hair color coats the hairs with a protective layer of hair color that helps prevent damage.
  • Make sure to keep your hairs and scalp clean.
  • Protect your hairs from the sun either with a hat or some natural hair care solutions.
  • Better not to leave your hair open always.
  • Learn some hair styling tricks before you travel for it not only makes you look stylish but also helps protect the hairs.
  • In case of dry hairs, make sure to pack hair moisturizers or natural hair oils in the travel kit.
  • Opt for some scalp solutions to prevent infections and inflammations and other scalp related problems during travel.
  • Take some hair accessories to glam up your look.
  • Get a hair cut before you travel or trim the hairs at least to get rid of split ends.

With the different hair colors, hair oils and Derma care shampoo flaunt those lustrous tresses to perfection in an array of fashionable styles.

Here’s wishing happy travel times of healthy hairs.

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