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How to Use Tea Tree Oil to Remove Blackheads

Remove Blackheads

FindItMore | Most people suffer from blackheads which turns out to be annoying and the question is what are blackheads made of and what causes them, they are a mixture of dead skin cells and oils that accumulate inside the pores by solidifying and if they are not removed they become a pimple. They are also a mixture of oils and dirt stuck in the pores. Blackheads create a dark spot around the nose. Dealing with blackheads is complicated but getting lead of them is easy and cheap by the use of tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil is abstracted from the leaves of a tea tree. It is then applied to the skin, the chemicals in tea tree oil kill bacteria and reduce allergic reactions from the skin. It has a soothing effect since it contains anti-bacterial properties. Using tea tree oil is a quick and proper way to get lead of the blackheads because it prepared using natural ingredients.

Ways on how to use Tea tree oil

  1. Face mask:

Steam the face for 5-10 minutes. Using green clay powder and a small amount of water mix the two with 3-4 drops of tea tree oil and apply to the face for 20 minutes then rinse the face with warm water. Avoid the mixture getting to the eyes. Mask at least twice a week.

Also, you can mix 2-3 drops of tea tree oil with a small amount of jojoba oil blended with a small amount of tomato pulp, then apply the mixture to the affected areas for 20minutes and wash the face with cold water. It can be used daily because it allows the oil to enter the pores and gets lead of the impurities.

  1. Moisturizer:

Wash your face with warm water to open up the pores. Then adding into your regular moisturizing cream put 3-4 drops of tea tree oil has mixed the two then gently massage it into your face. This moisturizer can be used daily since it makes its way to the pores getting lead of the blackheads.

  1. Natural facial scrub:

Start off by steaming the face for 5-10 minutes to open up the pores and clean it off any excess oil that may have accumulated. Mix 4 drops of tea tree oil with sugar, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil and massage it to your face, make sure you use pure olive oil. Then rinse your face with warm water and this scrub can be done 2-3 times a week.

  1. Bathing:

Prepare a bath and add the small amount of tea tree oil and two cups of Epsom salt. Then soak in the bath for 30-40 minutes, for better results one should soak 1-2times weekly. The bath helps in opening up the pores while the tea tree oil dries out the blackheads and the salts gently remove the dead skin cells in the pores.

  1. Undiluted:

even though tea tree in a powerful substance one can apply it directly to your face using a cotton that has been dipped into the tea tree oil and then gently apply into the affected areas on your face.

  1. Cleanser:

Start off by cleaning the face with warm water to open up the pores. Using a small amount of facial cleanser mix with 2 drops of tea tree oil and massage the mixture to your face. The cleansing can be done 1-2times a day since its soothing to the skin and has no effect on the skin. When done cleansing the face rinse it with warm water and this way it gets lead of all the dead skin cells in the face.

The procedure on how to remove blackheads on your nose sounds difficult but it’s quite easy – through the use of a toothbrush, which is cheap and effective. All you need to do is soak the toothbrush in ½ teaspoon of tea tree oil and brush the nose gently for about 1 minute and wash the nose with warm water completely.

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