How You Can Get Better Car Lease Deals

FindItMore | The number of leased cars is increasing day by day. More people are willing to lease a car over buying it because leasing can be very affordable, but still, some leasing companies ask for a lot of money to lease a car. This all depends on your car leasing company – and your negotiation skills – in how you can get better car lease deals.

Below, you’ll find some tips through which you will be able to get the vehicle leasing deals on your favorite car!

Research the leasing company

Looking up a leasing company, calling them and developing a better arrangement with a leasing agent could potentially uncover better deals. Agents know about the huge range of vehicles that may be overwhelming – or not easy to find – on a company’s website.

Leasing organizations utilize an enormous number of funders to find deals, every one of which will have a different cost for a particular make, model, or additional items on the vehicle.

Taking the time to ask the right questions and remaining curious could see you getting a better deal.

Choose the right vehicle

To help you feel as if you’ve got the best deal, always research your chosen vehicle and compare it against your own finances and it’s expected deterioration.

You’ll want to make sure that your finances are aligned with the vehicle and that you feel you’re getting the best deal.

The best vehicles to lease are those that hold their value longer, like expensive cars or valuable brands. Leasing a small hatchback – when you have the money to buy it – might actually be more expensive than just buying it outright. However, be careful that this is not always the case with financing a vehicle.

Electric vehicles are also great to lease because they currently lose value a lot faster than other cars, so if you buy it, you’ll lose a lot more money than if you leased it.

Pick The Right Mileage

On the off chance that you surpass your agreed mileage, you’ll have to pay a penalty which could get expensive. You could pay an expense for each mile over the concurred mileage. This is, for the most part, to compensate for the extra deterioration that the vehicle is expected to go through.

To avoid these types of circumstances, be careful when planning your expected mileage. If you’re unsure, your leasing agent can definitely help you out.

Always be honest and upfront about the miles that you intend to do, and, even if it’s on the lower end – your leasing company should be able to accommodate you.

Use The Power Of Negotiation

Being curious and asking many questions is the best way to get a better lease deal. You can negotiate on a few things: mileage, length of your contract, your initial rental and the type of lease.

The higher your mileage, the higher your monthly rental will be. The longer your contract, the less your monthly fee will be. If you choose to pay a greater initial rental in the beginning, then your monthly payments will be smaller.

And, most importantly, if you’re able to take out a business lease over a personal one, you’ll get a much cheaper rate as you can claim back the tax from your business.

Avoid Unnecessary Add-ons

At the point when you lease a vehicle, the leasing agent might want to talk you into some costly additional items.

It’s important to remember that you should only really take these if you need them, or if you intended on putting them on the car in the first place.

Any damage incurred to the vehicle from doing your own add-ons might cost money to repair and remove them again, as most leasing companies will only accept the car as it was delivered.


If you want to get the best lease car deal, then be smart and never make your decision too fast.

Make sure to first research everything you need to know, and then you can go to a leasing company and talk with them. Discuss vehicles that you’ve already looked at and have in mind, but be open to negotiation. Know the ins and outs of your contract, and don’t be afraid to ask if there is a way to get a cheaper price from your leasing agent.

Finally, make sure you’re happy with the vehicle when it’s delivered and try not to make expensive changes that will cost even more to remove or repair at the end of the contract when you hand back the car.


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