Huracan Sterrato

Huracan Sterrato

Lamborghini continues to broaden their horizons with the Huracan Sterrato which is based on the V10 Huracan with a serious flair for the off-road. Lamborghini took their off-road expertise, which is on full display with their brand new Urus Super SUV, and applied it to the Huracan. In doing so they created the Huracan Sterrato a high horse-powered sports car ready to conquer the off-road.

Since the Sterrato concept is based on the Huracan EVO the sports car shares the same 5.2-liter naturally-aspirated V10 engine. This massive engine pushes the Sterrato to make a jaw-dropping 640 horsepower. The Sterrato also receives the Huracan Evo’s Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo integrate or LDVI system.  As Lamborghini Broward (Miami) explains to us, the system comes with predictive logic and controls the Sterrato’s four-wheel steering, four-wheel-drive, torque vectoring, and modified suspension. The system goes on to anticipate the driver’s next moves for exceptional driving dynamics.

Since the Sterrato is meant to be driven off-road it comes calibrated for both low-adherence surfaces and off-road driving. The Sterrato is also tuned for maximum traction and acceleration. Oh, and if you thought we’d covered everything the LDVI system has to offer, you would be wrong. The system provides more torque, enhanced rear-wheel drive behavior, and additional stabilization in oversteering maneuvers.

Considering the Sterrato was designed for demanding environments it’s only fitting that the exterior styling reflects an imposing appearance that hints at the off-road powesness of the Sterrato. Ground clearance of the Sterrato is heightened by 47 mm when compared to the Huracan EVO and the front approach angle is sharpened by 1% while the departure angle is increased by 6.5%.

The Sterrato rides on balloon tires set on 20-inch wheels specifically designed to handle the rough terrain that comes with traveling off-road. The specifically designed balloon tires protected by increased sidewalls improve the grip and absorption of the Sterrato. The tires are set into new wide-body wheel arches with integrated air intakes. The wheel track of the Sterrato has been expanded by 30mm in the front and rear. The Sterrato also features rugged open shoulder blocks designed for self-cleaning qualities produces exemplary off-road surface adherence along with added traction and braking, this also highly damages resistant.  All of which gives the Sterrato a look that says it’s ready to dominate the off-road.

The underbody of the Sterrato is outfitted with body protection including a rear skid plate. The underbody also comes with aluminum reinforcements within the front frame and are covered by an aluminum skid plate along with aluminum-reinforced side skirts. Around the Sterrato’s engine and air intakes, you’ll find special protective bodywork that includes stone-defecting protection. The Sterrato also receives mudguards in hybrid materials of carbon fiber and elastomeric resin. Moving away from the underside of the Sterrato and on to the roof of the sports car, you’ll find an off-road-oriented LED light packages which feature a roof-mounted LED light bar and LED bumper lights with flood function.

Nothing was overlooked when Lamborghini designed the off-road sports car known as the Sterrato. The interior of the sports car even comes with a specially-designed interior with features that reflect the off-road capabilities of the Sterrato. Inside the Sterrato you’ll find a lightweight titanium roll cage, aluminum floor panels, and four-point seatbelts to the new carbon bi-shell sports seats.


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